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34 Responses to DREAMWORLD ADVENTURE 3-2

  1. Val Hallen says:

    Juniper, he’s the law here. You’ve got to RESPECT HIS AUTHORITAH!

    Also, stachewut

  2. Haela says:

    This is going somewhere.

  3. Emily says:

    yaaaaaaaaaaaay fennel :D

  4. alicetama says:

    Is it weird that Dreamworld! Thunderus attracts me?

  5. Virizion says:

    Oh what the fu-

  6. tsuntsundere says:

    lol in my mind I can’t associate that with the actual pokemon she’s in the dream of.

  7. Azalee says:

    So… who in the comics HASN’T worn a maid outfit, by now? Maid-outfit-wearers are becoming a majority. Good.
    (This page is totally creepy though, oh my god Fennel.) (But ’tis a good law, Thundurus.)

  8. Rotom says:

    Man, Thundercrust really knows how to rustle a few jimmies, eh wot.

  9. Mawile says:

    Dreamworld Thundurus is hotter now that I know he’s a gentleman :D

  10. =w= Lalalala~ singing with jahlalala~

  11. Minky says:

    Hi I know you’re busy but I wanted to let you know that you misspelled DREAMWORLD. c:

  12. I’m not gonna lie, Bishie-Thundhurrus is very attractive. x//////x;

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