Episode 22 Part 12

I never planned to draw Black feeding N /derp

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25 Responses to Episode 22 Part 12

  1. Serperior says:

    Ooh, I’ve never been here when you updated before.
    Adam, Eve, and Apple, right? Haven’t seen them in a while.

  2. Thundhurrus says:

    Dem giant cross weapon things.

    • Umbreon says:

      To me they look like something from Kingdom Hearts. And before you say I fail at staying away forever to me, if you were, im not sure, Anyways yeah I kinda can’t XD I love this series and the friends I met here too much to leave *sighs* even you, ya witty nutbox Thundhurr. (That was an attempt at a complimentXD). But yeah, the challenge is still on, try and troll me! >=3

  3. sindaquil says:

    Woah I think I just caught mid update ^_^

  4. Groudon says:



  5. Nakayama says:

    Wait, when did they get Victiny?
    Is it because N and Black left Castelia without visiting Liberty Garden?


  7. Haela says:

    Adam and Eve vs. N and Black…. oh, this is going to be an awesome battle. B)

  8. APPLE HNNNNG I missed that little puffball of a victiny. 1 Update I seen so far and I can Already die happy.

  9. JollyEmpoleons says:

    Oh, hooray! I was missing the Plasma grunts~ Thanks for bringing them back~

    (Apple is my goddess…..wait is it a girl?)

  10. Giratina says:

    Oh look. A tasty side dish by the name of Apple.

  11. Zero says:

    These 3 are much more cheery than the others. XD Happy Threats!

  12. Apple has to be the derpiest Victini in the entire PokeWorld.

  13. Shiny Volcarona says:

    They mugged Joey

  14. Espurr says:

    Those giant crosses look awesome.

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