Episode 22 Part 11

Vegetable roll, and dragon roll, in case you’re wondering. I hate fish, but eel tastes delicious.

til next week, or something!

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214 Responses to Episode 22 Part 11

  1. kalistina says:

    Pfft. Ridiculously fanservicey cliff hanger. Will he or won’t he~

  2. Arasih Erina says:

    N, do what I do; stab the damned thing.

    • derptasticness says:

      precisely what I used to do until I forced myself to learn (derp to ramen and sushi!)

      on another note, N is going to make me love his fanservice-y ways unconditionally at this rate.

    • TF says:

      Stabbing the chopsticks in the food = big NONO. In Japanese and Chinese culture, it respresents your tombstone.

      • Thundhurrus says:

        I thought it represented the incense they burned at your funeral, and that was only for chopsticks sticking straight up in a bowl of rice. Having them sticking out and pointing at someone else is considered a threat, and I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t apply if someone is still holding the chopsticks.
        At least, that’s the Japanese view. I’m not a Chinamon, so I don’t know about the view in China, but I’m pretty sure that neither of them have anything on stabbing your food with a chopstick in order to eat it, unless you’re stabbing a bowl of rice. Which is pretty stupid.

    • ViCTiNi says:

      Agreed, human that stabs things! Much more fun than learning how to use the Pokey-Sticks! ^w^

  3. Turrdakion says:

    Feeeeed hiiiimmmm o3o

  4. Dreamy says:

    Everyone should prepare their camera.

  5. Serperior says:

    I like how you had Alder react when Cheren said his goal. Was that his own, or does he not approve?
    Dirk and the Darumaka Dolls. It could be a tounge twister with more words.
    Yes Black, you need to feed N.

    • Yoshord says:

      I’m assuming that since Cheren has the same goal and reasons in the source games and Alder disaproved of the reasons in the source games, that Alder disaproves of the reasons behind Cheren’s goal here too – he just didn’t bother explaining this time since other characters needed development now.

    • Volcarona says:

      Dirk and the Darumaka Dolls dance dashingly during dinner.

    • Vivian says:

      “Dirk gave Darumaka. dolls to all the derpy dorks.”
      Tongue twister? Close enough.

    • Gale says:

      Dirk and the Darumaka Dolls delight in deserving dreams.

    • flourite says:

      I kinda thought it was something more simple, like ‘awww how cute, the little girly wants to prove herself!’ I didn’t play the game for this version though so I may have missed something.

  6. Spiky-haired Raichu says:

    Ahh it feels like forever since ive been on this site
    But yaaay update never have I been more glad I wake up earlier then needed so I have extra time at the end to lay on my bed

    This is full of lulz what does Alder call black and N… how do you mess up N… M?
    And go feed N Black so I may fangirl<3

  7. FrozenDarkness says:


    Dat last panel. *steals it and runs away*

  8. Azalee says:

    Dammit N you just had to try and prove my statement that Bel is the cutest thing wrong didn’t you
    Dat “No.” in bold font :’D
    Whatever you do, N, hurry, or you won’t have anything left and Samba will blink up at you innocently. … Wait, what am I saying, Samba doesn’t blink. Ever.

  9. Nondell says:

    Goddamn Black come on, White probably already thinks you’re gay. Don’t you dare feed sushi to
    to 21 year old man.

    • Purple_the_awesome_person_that_is_awesome_and_will_PWN_you_wit_her_pokemans_XD says:

      Don’t listen to Nondell White already knows it and shes probably fine with it so just do it!

  10. hikashu says:

    Oh god, this is amazing XDDD

  11. hikashu says:

    And oh, forgot to add that the Darumaka dolls are so adorable ;u;

  12. That no was so lovingly automatic. Feeding someone is indeed proven to draw two people together. Explain breastfeeding. :v

  13. Seriously, am I the only one who ignored the food talk and focused on that cute little bastard Darumaka stealing a sushi from N?

  14. Caterfree10 says:

    Dangit Black, make my fangirl heart happy and teach him how to use the chopsticks properly! x3

  15. Umbreon says:

    OHMIGOSH! The Darumaka actually closed his eyes for once!

  16. Anon With Eyes says:

    Why does this remind me of Infinite Stratos? With Charlotte?

  17. Gardevior♂ says:


    Anyone else notice how disturbingly close Black’s dragon roll looks like a Horsea?

    • Grell says:

      Well … what else would it be?

      Do they have, like, “normal” not-pokemon-fish? Is that a thing?


    • misty says:

      Well, Horsea is classified as a “dragon pokemon” throughout the games.

    • Rory says:

      Maybe the Pokemon world has cloned meat? *hopes so*

      • Purple_the_awesome_person_that_is_awesome_and_will_PWN_you_wit_her_pokemans_XD says:

        So do i

        • Voltoloser says:

          Spoiler: They(we) don’t.

        • Rory says:

          So, lemme get this straight… they can teleport with warp panels, travel through time, and put living creatures in computers… but they can’t even do something that scientists already have hope of doing someday in our world, that would enable the humans to get their required protein without sacrificing the lives of the creatures that the world likes to call its “partners” and “friends”?

          It’s a conspiracy, man.

        • Voltoloser says:

          We have ways of doing that. The problem lies in how awful the taste and aftertaste is. It’s like licking a Garbodor, only worse, and it lasts for weeks.
          Science has yet to make edible cloned meat. And if we can’t eat it, it doesn’t count.

        • Rory says:

          If you’re cloning the meat but the clone somehow tastes different than the original… you’re doing it wrong.

        • Voltoloser says:

          Science has yet to explain why rocks are alive and why there are rodents with the ability to shoot lightning.
          Of course we’re doing it wrong.

    • Giratina says:

      Horseas are good eating.

    • tsuntsundere says:

      He’s probably eating the Isshu/Unova/New York pokedex’s equivalent to Horsea.

      Actually, if they do eat pokemon in this world, that’s pretty disturbing considering the pokemon are sentient and can even speak English (I keep forgetting that). I’m sure Author!Black wouldn’t do that to us, eheheh.

    • Sawsbuck(winter) says:

      Actually it looked like a kingdra which fits into the dragon roll idea.

  18. Lopunny says:

    Alder is gender-confused about Cheren but can still call N a man.

    Somehow, I feel as though this shouldn’t surprise me as much as it does… XD

  19. Reshiram says:

    Ooooh, Samba, you little sneak, you.

  20. Haela says:

    He’ll end up feeding him anyway since Black’s becoming easier to push around XD

  21. tsuntsundere says:

    Ha! Alder acknowledged N’s maleness as well! That means it’s just you, Cheren! It’s just you.

  22. Purple_the_awesome_person_that_is_awesome_and_will_PWN_you_wit_her_pokemans_XD says:

    [Snickers] ^_^* oh black

  23. Raichu says:

    I like your taste Black! Eel is amazing.

  24. jello says:

    I like how Alder recognizes N as a man but not Cheren. And N’s the one with long hair and ladyclothes…

  25. Tadashi says:

    N and his chopsticks is pretty much a gpoy for me.

  26. Guydevoir says:

    Mmmm, Nnnn’s Oddish roll looks good too- a healthy alternative for those who don’t want to eat Pokem-OH WAIT, the vegetables are also Pokemon!
    Unless you can stomach tall grass, there’s no way to avoid eating Pokemon.
    -(Not even bread?)
    Nope- wheat is probably made of shiny Oddishes.

  27. Joey says:

    Yes, Black. You have to feed him. There’s nothing else you can do.

  28. Kyurem says:

    *noms all the sushi* Mine…. *swipes Black* Mine too… *swipes…..vanillites* Alssssso mine.

  29. Justice says:

    They eating Gloom, Dratini, and Tynamo aren’t they?

    • Voltoloser says:

      It’s too long to be a Tynamo.

    • Greener says:

      Or it could just be regular fish.

      There used to be normal fish back in Season 1 of the anime.

      • Giratina says:


        • Voltoloser says:

          It’s the truth, actually. But they were quickly fished and eaten to extinction, so now they no longer exist.

        • Greener says:


        • Voltoloser says:

          I’m sorry, but the Boss isn’t here right now.
          Please stop being a retard, and try your post again.

        • Greener says:

          Thundhurr, I KNOW you own both your own account as well as the Volto account. It’s not funny.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          You KNOW, eh? So you KNOW that I don’t live with someone else, then?
          So you KNOW that I didn’t introduce that person to this place?
          So you KNOW that that person doesn’t tell me anything interesting they find on here or that I don’t look over that person’s shoulder whenever they check up on this place?
          So you KNOW, FOR A FACT, that none of those have the SLIGHTEST CHANCE of being true?
          YOU, who didn’t even know that the designated troll is judged with a system that is different from the system used to judge everyone else? You, who tried to give people “comeuppance” without looking into whether others thought they needed it? You, who repeatedly shows that intelligent people can actually be dumber than people without any intelligence whatsoever?
          Right. You’re totally not wrong, because obviously that’s the only possible conclusion. There’s absolutely no other logical explanation.

        • Virizion says:

          Greenie, I’m going to have to go with Thunderpussy for once. Please just apologize…..

        • Black says:

          Thundhurrus and Voltoloser are two different people

        • Giratina says:

          AND THERE WE HAVE IT! AUTHOR!BLACK HAS SPOKEN AND YOU TROLLS (and Greener) LOOK EVEN MORE STUPID! Thunderpuss, Voltoster, Greener, stop fighting/trolling/bullying and apologize to each other. We’re all social outcasts, so let’s try to tolerate each other.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          You realize that you’re asking me to apologize, right?

        • Azelf says:

          Personally I don’t see what Mr. Thundhurrus did wrong.
          Besides, you know, being Mr. Thundhurrus.

        • Giratina says:

          @Thunderpuss: Or at least play nice. No more beating the dead Ponyta. (for all you morons out there, that was an idiom. Look it up)
          @Author!Black: By the way, how can you tell that they’re two different people?

        • Zebstrika says:

          I know that’s an idiom, but that is very DISRESPECTFUL to my cousin.

        • Absol says:


          Think it has to do with IP adresses or something.

        • Thund seriously give it up Unrelated is deleted meaning you can’t Troll anymore without having any relations to the web comic or Pokemon so just give up while your ahead

        • Thundhurrus says:

          And you felt the need to come here, to this dead discussion, and bring up that, a topic completely unrelated to this dead discussion’s main topic, which reached a conclusion before you showed up, because…?
          Dr. Prof. Sir Resolotlov told you not to feed the trolls, or else they’ll succeed at everything they set out to do. Guess what you’re doing at this very moment.

        • Absol says:

          Godammit, stop trying to make the troll fat.

      • Sawsbuck(winter) says:

        Blasphemy! There’s no such thing. They’re mutated magikarps.

  30. Jeanne says:

    Love the update, Alder is just adorable! XD
    But yeah, whatever’s up with the theme, it’s a bit annoying. =/

  31. ChandlertheChandelure says:

    a colored different style drawing of the feeding would be the best thing

  32. Rory says:

    I actually like the infinite scrolling… :/ Oh, well.

  33. I wouldn’t be surprised if Black was eating a Horsea. People eat Vanillite all the time. T_T

  34. WZD says:

    N get Steph’s order and Black gets your order.

  35. Zarnirox says:

    In the words of Jim Gaffigan: “Chopsticks are fun but I’d rather eat than play Operation…”

    I’m too white…

  36. Snorlax-Kun says:

    Hey Black, would you mind if i make a book with your comics?, i want to print em and keep em in my stalker section of books, not for sale or anithing, just to have somthing to say “One of the best novels of our time” in leather cover and gold carved title

  37. Greener says:

    FEED N.


  38. Darkrai says:

    It’s so hard to make a bunch of HXH cosplay,study and keep up with this comic. :^:

  39. Number 42 says:

    “Black, your going to have to feed me.”
    “Just use your hands -”

    I laughed more than I should of x.x

  40. Devil says:

    Yes I’m a pure-blood living in America… Ahahaha! I eat Steak with rice, not with potatoes! :D
    Technically California rolls aren’t too Japanese… Anything with raw fish (sashimi) is true Japanese Sushi! :D
    Gotta love me some Tako rolls and Nattou rolls! Mmm, slimey!

    • Black says:

      ah I forgot what’s in that roll;;
      but only about 2% of imported japanese seafood is being inspected and that’s concerning;;
      I honestly just made Black order my favorite (and the US gets their eel from China ahaha that’s not very japanese at all;; )

  41. Roxas says:

    Eel sushi is the best sushi, hands down!

  42. Darkrai says:

    Finally I finish making my Hisoka cosplay,
    now all that’s left is Gon,Killura,Leorio and Kirapika.*why can’t my friends get up off their lazy asses and make there own cosplay?*

  43. Tunic says:

    Mmm, Dragon/Caterpillar rolls are my favorite too. Especially with that pickled ginger they give you.

    Also, that “eel” looks suspiciously like a very small dratini without the nose bit.

  44. Zimmy says:

    Eel’s good and all, but half the reason I go get sushi is the edamame! and the other half is stuffing my face with sushi. And cute Asian waitresses.

  45. charmander says:

    Of course they’re eating pokemon, pokemon eat pokemon. Miltank milk, Tauros steak, Bouffelant burger, grilled Goldeen, Kingler, bacon from Tepig. James and Meowth wanted to eat Magikarp but they’re so useless they’re not even good food.

  46. Darkrai says:

    I like the clips in N’s hair.

  47. Pikalee says:

    .-. I guess I missed the glitch…

  48. Wildwalker says:

    Oh my god, Black! Don’t eat that! Do you know how many nematodes that thing is probably infested with? *Squealing squeamishly*

    • Darkrai says:

      Aren’t nematodes the fish in Sponge Bob that go “mep mep mep mep etc”.

      • Wildwalker says:

        No, the phylum nematoda are roundworms, but don’t confuse them with tapeworms (phylum Platyhelminthes). Nematodes are everywhere, but you’ll always find them in raw sea food and pigs.

        • Wildwalker says:

          Let me rephrase that last part: raw sea food and live pigs. Washing your fish and cooking your meat should kill all the nematodes in your food, don’t let me distress anyone out there! >.<' I'm sure all sushi restaurantes are very careful to wash their ingredients thoroughly before they prepare their sushi, but if you're making sushi homemade, be sure to wash your ingredients, folks!

    • Black says:

      Eel isn’t served raw though :u

  49. hikashu says:

    I just realized that Samsa is stealing a roll.
    *sees posts of tongue twisters*
    …Sneaky Samsa steals sushi secretly! *shot*

  50. Hiroku says:

    I read the whole thing put up in two days… I am regretting reading it so fast, I want the rest.

  51. zippu says:


  52. Fang says:

    Anyone noticed Samba stealing N’s sushi?

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