Episode 20 Part 16

screw the rules, he has green hair!

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44 Responses to Episode 20 Part 16

  1. Registeel says:

    Um… wut? :U

  2. TK says:

    Not what I was expecting…. but I like it.

  3. Gardevior♂ says:

    Who’d have guessed N could do that? o_o

  4. MrMissMrs Random says:

    “…The Fuck?” -Me when I saw that Zoroark.

  5. Myou says:

    I KNEW N would interfere somehow…not quite what i was expecting, but still interesting nonetheless

  6. thesilverskull190 says:

    haven’t any of you seen bayonetta? or read post comments by madam/sir black below the comic?

  7. Haela says:

    All work and no play makes Kcalb a dull boy, N (Although I get a feeling Kcalb is going to be holding a grudge for this).

  8. Praetors says:


    plus you would’ve had to draw him standing there for the next 40 or so panels.

  9. Shaymin says:

    Now Kcalb has an epic case of blue balls.

  10. Chandelure says:

    Good YGO abridged reference there…

  11. Brenana says:

    Mother. Fucking. PLOT TWIST.

  12. anonymous says:

    I remember those times when people speculated N was a zoroark.

  13. Exodus says:

    o_o wow.

  14. Augurus-Chronicle says:


    Now I’m waiting for Black to start to rap XD*Bricked*

  15. Manna says:


  16. Diglett says:

    Nilbert evolved…

  17. Charizard says:


  18. Lyra's Marill says:

    Aww, no galvantula D:

  19. Mountain_Mew says:

    Dat Zoroark hair u:

  20. toasty-chan says:

    asdfghjkl YGOTAS reference XD

  21. Omnis says:

    What the actual…

  22. Rory says:

    You were waiting to use that reference/meme, weren’t you?

  23. Wait…what just happened? DX

  24. Sara says:

    …o mai XD

  25. SofaTofu says:



  26. That Guy says:

    I am surprised no one has said about where the Climax button went, when it went to N :L

  27. Seviphurr says:

    It’s Baaaayooooonettaaaaa. In the game, she had sequences called ‘Climaxes’ where she would conduct an epic finale during a boss battle. Her hair can turn into demons from hell. -u-

  28. Celebish says:

    Has anyone else noticed N lost all the clothes?

  29. roselia says:

    YEAH screw those rules

  30. Blade says:

    Bwaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahah I love the screw the rules he has green hair thing I have a funny pic of some one from yugio (I forget who) but it says “screw the rules I have green hair” so that just made me start to crack up

  31. Ninetales says:

    Yu Gi Oh Abriged renfrence.
    My life is complete.

  32. Kunai Youki says:

    N is Seto freaking Kaiba…my life is complete. :D

  33. Brendan says:

    “Screw the rules, he has green hair!”

    I got cracked up.

  34. Seto Kaiba says:

    Yaaaay! YGO abridged!
    I kind of expected N to act like Season Zero Kaiba… I mean, they both have green hair, lots of money, and hateful fathers.

  35. thecinnabear says:


  36. xavier says:

    n, stop doing drugs. i dont care if you have a blue eyes, no drugs.

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