Episode 20 Part 07

Got a three day weekend coming up, so more coming soon;;;

I’ve been thinking, since wordpress is blocked in China, maybe I should upload the comic somewhere else, though I only know of one fan in China, but stiiiiilll ujfrhjhgjh Also, I’d like to try project wonderful, but apparently wordpress doesn’t allow it WHY DIDN’T I KNOW OF THESE THINGS SOONER SGDFJHDSGHF Well, I’ve switched sites once before, I know I can do it again. It’d be a pain, and I don’t have the time right now, but I have a feeling I’m gonna do it again;;; But it’d be sad to lose all the comments here…hmmm… sdugfjhdgjds

edit: Looking into smackjeeves- a serious problem I have with them is that guests don’t get unique avatars, so that makes way for IMPOSTORS EVERYWHERE. Unless you’re all willing to play nice or make accounts there;; Other than that, I think it’s the best/cheapest place to go… OR MAYBE I post the comic in two different places. Also sounds painful.

WELL now I’m leaning towards keeping BA here, but putting the sequel on smackjeeves because (assuming I make the sequel) it’s gonna be quite different from all this, but that’s not happening any time soon so I should stop pondering and continue getting work done kdsgkjfdhg SORRY CHINESE FAN(S?) YOU’RE GONNA HAVE TO CONTINUE GETTING UPDATES THROUGH A FRIEND

And for the people wondering about me and shihfu: she is my ~*husbando*~ but not my significant other.

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208 Responses to Episode 20 Part 07

  1. Jadell says:

    Yes. The plan.

  2. TK says:

    Black, you won’t be the one to wear them…. will you? N would look much better in them.

  3. Kerauno says:

    I can see where this is going.
    The future is bright for those who want more N in panties. (hint hint)

  4. ramenxxninja says:


    I’m looking forward to the next update. xD

  5. Justice says:


  6. Blaziken says:

    If you do switch the site, we shall follow you. Even if you lose the comments, they’ll be in your heart somehow! XD Oh yeah. DAT PLAN IN ACTION. I CAN’T WAIT, THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. *creepygrin*

  7. Gardevior♂ says:

    I like how Black gets more comfortable with his sexuallity….
    If this series doesn’t end with Isshushipping, I’m gonna go on a psycho-psychic rampage.

  8. KarmaKecleon says:

    “It happens to all of us.” Bullshit Swanna, When did you lose your panties?
    …you know what? Don’t answer that.

  9. Registeel says:

    I was gonna comment on the Swanna having panties thing, but someone beat me to it. Darn.
    Someone is gonna have to play bait it seems… I foresee a lot of fanservice in the future.
    I wish you luck on the website dilemma!

  10. Mystia Katsuragi says:

    Why didn’t anyone say anything about Fuuro’s water o-o? Was that sweat or tears? I couldn’t even tell.

  11. Virizion says:

    I see where this is going… Yessss…. This pleases Virizion….

    • Charmander says:

      Not creepy at all, Viriz.

    • Tornadeuce says:

      Glad I could please you.

    • Totodile says:

      Why are most legendaries so perverted? But yes, it pleases me too to see something like this happening in this series.

      • Mew says:

        I take offense to that, Totodile

      • Weezing says:

        You cannot deny the gator his truth.

      • Celebish says:

        I take offense too.

        I’m super affective, too.

      • Landorkus says:

        ……..Well, some were raised by Arceus and others by Mew.

      • Darkrai says:

        Well I was raised by Arceus in a way and I’m a hitman… also maybe a pervert ♪☆♪

      • That statement makes me think Arceus and Mew had a little thing going on along long time ago…

      • Azelf says:

        I would never stoop to the level SOME Pokemon have.

      • Thundhurrus says:

        You’re right, Azelf. You’re already way below the rest of us.

      • Zapdos says:

        Wutchootahkinboatwillus? … (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Pantiesssss! Panties for all!

      • Totodile says:

        OOOOOooookkkkk, Thanks now I know I should stay in johto and kanto so I stay in the Mew region. At least we have the non perverted ones in this region… Except that specific human called “Brock”. Don’t worry Mew for me you will be god. So therefore you can’t be perverted. By the way it seems like you and Arceus had some kind of dispute if you raised the legendaries separately. What were you fighting about? Who’s panties were the coolest?

      • Mew says:

        We argued about how to raise the legendaries. He voted to dump Legendaries into random holes all over the world. I disagreed. Thus why Arceus wasn’t mentioned ever in Kanto and Johto, I said GTFO to him and looked after my home. Then I visited Hoenn and destroyed mentionings of him and gave one of my kind a home there, in a Tree-Crystal thing.
        And the only ‘thing’ I had for Arceus was a pimp-paw with his name on it

      • Mew says:

        Also, I agree with the Brock comment. He wants to see pokemon breed, which is creepy. I get along with a few of the Gym Leaders though, even those outside my ‘homeland’. The Twin Psychic Gym Leaders are fun, since they are few of the Gym Leaders who respect me yet are still playful.

      • Azelf says:

        I used to like humans, but that changed when Team Galatic blew an eff- I mean…a giant hole in my lake and destroyed my Magikarp friends. That, and my siblings and I ended up stuffed in stupid tubes until some trainer came along and rescued us.
        I guess that trainer is alright…for a human…but still.

      • Zapdos says:

        Yes. Come to the Kanto region. You can come to my power plant ANYTIME. (Not really. I’m an antisocial freak… Who likes to lick batteries.)

      • Sounds creepy but it makes me wants to travel the other regions one day. My places wear only in stupid snowy or damp dark caves in Jotho or Sinnoh.

      • Landorkus says:

        Thank goodness I can get to Kanto easily.

      • Azelf says:

        Maybe I DO need a vacation!
        Somewhere peaceful! Without humans!
        …Or Thundhurrus.

      • Totodile says:

        Woooooow. Then I understand why Lugia and Ho-Oh got their majestic entrances from the sky and a waterfall while the other pokemon in the other regions just appeared in random ways. So you (Mew) didn’t really care about taking over sinnoh or the last region found by us humans? Or I guess you liked quality family better than quantity. Yeah I got pissed off on my trainer when he just got me then he stores me in a box for some reason. So I broke free and let out all the other pokemon too. He then ran to us and said something like “Now I can never catch them all!!!!” “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”. I wondered what he meant with that. And yeah that old couple is freaky. Seriously I saw them sitting drooling over a DITTO and a Kangaskhan mating. It was freaky…

      • Ditto says:

        Trust me Totodile, you have NO idea how uncomfortable and awkward that is. -.-;

      • Totodile says:

        I get your point fellow pokemon. Being a Ditto must be hard as the only reason most trainers seem to capture you guys is so they can get any pokemon they want… Must be a sick life.

      • Azelf says:

        I constantly ruin Pokemon Trainers dreams of ‘Catching them all’ because I flee whenever a trainer finds me.
        Or drain their willpower and give them to my Magikarp friends at the bottom of my lake.
        Then their Pokemon are set free to live the lives they should have had in the first place, if those pesky humans hadn’t invaded out territories.
        Those insufferable, LOA- Uh…

      • Totodile says:

        I can’t ruin it like you… that Elm bi*** always catches me in and gives me to a random trainer… I hate him!

      • Mew says:

        It’s more the fact I don’t want to be anywhere near Arceus or the Kami Trio.
        That’s why I haven’t taken over Sinnoh or Unova.
        I need to kill Arceus first.

      • Azelf says:

        That’s our father and the leader of the Lake Trio that you’re talking about!
        Though he hasn’t been around lately so if anyone attempted to take over Sinnoh and Unova there would probably be little resistance on his front…
        BUT I cannot condone violence against our Father.

      • Giratina says:

        Let it be said, Azelf, that if you try to take over Sinnoh and end up killing humans in the process, I WILL kill you. I have the type-advantage. I don’t mind humans, even though they always try to catch me. I made good friends with some humans. theyrealldeadofcourse, but that’s besides the point. But if anyone tries to kill Asseus, I won’t stop them. In fact I’ll be more than glad to help.

      • Mew says:

        Oh, I won’t harm the humans. But Taking over the Unova and Sinnoh regions sounds good…
        Azelf, which you prefer, Asseus, a complete ignoramus, or I, the cute and fuzzy ruler which will give you some humans every few weeks to ‘educate’?

      • Totodile says:

        I’d prefer you the mighty Mew! You even had people try to make pokemon better than you and fail. Has Asseus had that? Didn’t think so. And I like annoying humans by growling at them constantly.

      • Weezing says:

        Am I the only one who actually LIKES humans? I mean personally, I enjoy their company, and they give off all those lovely emissions…

      • Darkrai says:

        Humans are very intriguing well their dreams,some dream about mind blowning things,some dream about memories good and bad and some dream about horrible things.Humans there one of the most intriguing beings I’ve ever meet.

      • Azelf says:

        I am…conflicted.
        I could end up using my powers for GOOD instead of…uh…
        I mean, I always use my powers for good, but I don’t know…
        Our Father is the LEADER of the Lake Trio.
        -Rubs Head-

      • Mew says:

        I said I like humans
        Just not the really annoying ones which are stupid enough to annoy me.

      • Darkrai says:

        Some hummans are stupid by thinking they could take over the world… and etc.but I pity them such a sad sorrow that some waste their short,fragile lives at these things… I pity Cyrus the most… When I meet his grandfather I couldn’t bare to tell him what happened to Cyrus.
        Humans are such fragile things one minute their here the next their gone it’s quite sad when you think about it.

    • Celebish says:

      This pleases everyone.

    • Blaziken says:

      (At le school, IT’S ME DUN WORRY.) Oh, ok Virizion.. obvious pervert mode active. XD

  12. Shinobigoomba says:

    I like where this is going….

  13. joyblazer905 says:

    Augh why you stop at le cliffy;;;

  14. WZD says:


  15. Foehn says:

    You’ve changed, Black. When this adventure started you’d never have thought of wearing panties for the greater good.

  16. MrMissMrs Random says:

    Plans are good. I like plans.

  17. Sawsbuck(winter) says:

    No N don’t take the panties!

  18. Moonpaw says:

    hrmm,,, the whole panties on head thing reminds me of dragon ball

  19. usalt2 says:

    Oh look, you can transfer comments too. (Assuming you’re going to use a webhost with WordPress installed.) You just have to reupload the images.

    • Black says:

      Yeah, I did that last time, but the plan this time is to not use wordpress…
      Changing hosts but still using wordpress isn’t a good idea (it’s how I started, and my site derped out a lot)
      The only reliable host for wordpress is wordpress themselves (that’s why nuzlocke’s site dies every time he updates; he uses a different host)

  20. WZD says:

    Since Shihfu is ~*husbando*~, can I be musume? uguu

  21. Kirlia says:

    No one used Kirlia to defend the tower :c

    (I never knew that you were Chinese.)

  22. awesome_faces says:

    “So what’s the plan?”

    …The excitement leading up to this day has been cut off until the weekend.

    …. I lead a sad life o3o

  23. Celebish says:

    The plan could be either these:
    -Black and N wear panties.
    -Black and N wear only panties.
    -N wears the panties, since his gun is already a pair, so if his are stolen…
    -They find Cheren and get him to somehow wear the panties, since he’s fine is just a speed-o.
    -They make Joy wear the panties.
    -Mary, (Uke-acting) Joesph, and Jesus. ‘Nuff said there.

    And that’s how I think it will go.
    Don’t shoot me.

  24. AltARIa says:

    I’d be a little sad but okay with your reasoning for switching sites. AND POSSIBLE SEQUEL? YAY.
    Thanks so much for updating yet again, Author!Black! You make my day when the comic is updated, and just thank you so much for updating even when you’re really busy. :’>

  25. Turrdakion says:

    All this panty talk reminded me of this:


  26. Ashes says:

    D’aww, you’d (possibly) change sites for one fan; —though knowing this comic, there’s gotta be more than one out there! (I doubt you would seriously lose any fans by changing sites, with ‘Black Adventures’ popping up ((both sites + Tropes) easily on Google and this panty plan comin’ up~) Good luck anyhow!

  27. shinx says:

    hes going to wear the panties, GO BLACK! DO IT FOR US!

  28. tsuntsundere says:

    Author!Black is so nice to think of the fans so much. I hope the Chinese fan finds a way to get around China’s crazy internet bans.

  29. Hydreigon says:


    I can already anticipate Black’s plan… as can many others, I’m sure.

  30. Kyurem says:

    I fear very little. except Thisssss Plan of Black’ssss

  31. sindaquil says:

    O.O uh-oh Black has a plan. Are you sure you want to agree to this Skyla?

  32. ChandlertheChandelure says:


  33. CXPGuy says:

    Black Is Smart But His Intelligence Maybe Too Good I wonder I have a Bad feeling That Blacks Gonna Be Dressin In Drag On Purpose This Time ooorrrrr …….. He Has Another Thought in Mind

  34. Hey Black quick question? If you do ever make one in Smackjeeves (I was gonna also suggest that Idea. I have a Smackjeeves account for this Pokemon Sonic comic I was doing, but your right on the imposters thing), or any other account site, can you post a page or something stating you will and where you will place it?x3

    Cause right now I’m using a ps3 to read these and ps3 doesn’t work to well with smackjeeves (freezes). So that way I know wheres it at and if the site don’t work well with the ps3 I can always wait to buy my own laptop while you uploading~ Better for me cause I have more to read anyway when I get back here :3 Hope this don’t waste any of your time. Just curious~

  35. SofaTofu says:

    THAT PLAN. YES, THAT ONE WITH THAT IDEA. If this plan doesn’t involve N wearing panties I will be VERY disappointed. VERY MUCH SO.

  36. PapaDento says:

    Blacks’ heroic pose makes anything we can imagine happening so much funnier…

  37. Shiny Zorua says:

    OH HOLY CRAP BLACK IS A …. Will the moderators allow this?… A DITTO USED ONLY FOR F***ING PEOPLE!!!…. That is what F*** means, right? Now will the moderators allow Lesbian to be used?

  38. MadeofPokemon says:

    Yay crossdressing!

  39. Shinobigoomba says:

    Y’know I’ve always wondered..how did Tornadus snatch Skyla’s panties when she has all those straps on her uniform?

  40. Mountain_Mew says:

    Black has a plan? I’m prepared. :U
    As a side note, have you ever taught of just making your own site? Seems like the best solution if you know how to and/or know people who could help with it. Well, the best solution a simple-minded person like me can make, anyway. -derp-
    But other than that, I think the best solution for now is just keeping it here unless you find a better site.

  41. Saika says:

    IT’S A PLAN, a plan that I plan to love

  42. Doctor Doc says:

    What is the meaning of this? I’m gone a second and there’s a zillion updates…!
    Which is actually a good thing.
    Maybe on day there’ll be a schedule, but doesn’t seem necessary.

  43. Darkrai says:

    I a hour or so jumped off a plane over Mistralton City with a parachute and Mr Tornadus thought it would be funny if he RIP IT THE FUCK UP.I am now in the being treated for my injuries and I’ll be seeing that bastard in cort with Azelf as my lawyer and Azelf always wins… always.

  44. Masterge77 says:

    China blocks EVERYTHING because they hate the internet.

  45. Marcio says:

    Black you have Tumblr so why not upload the comic there? You could have a special account for it. ^^ Just a suggestion.

  46. Haela says:

    Whatever the plan is, everyone is going to be going commando by the end of this chapter… I CAN HARDLY WAIT. ಥ‿ಥ

  47. Charizard says:

    so NOW she starts caring that she’s panty-less.

  48. Pirra says:

    I am assuming the Chinese fan is me, since I was the one who asked you on dA if you had your comic somewhere else, ahah. If I’m the only one then please, don’t change sites again just because of me!! I’d feel terrible! It’s ok to get updates through a friend, he doesn’t mind sending me the pictures. Besides, sometimes, like right now, my program to break the Great Firewall works and I’m able to come here.

    At any rate, the internet connection here is so bad that whatever site you host your comic at, I probably won’t be able to see it… OTL Sniff, I wanna go hooooome—!!

    • usalt2 says:

      Wait, so you can’t even access the site itself when not using a VPN? I thought only the images are blocked…

    • usalt2 says:

      Also, is imgur and MediaFire blocked? I tested them with WebSitePulse’s Great Firewall of China website tester, but I still want to know if it’s blocked at your location.

      • Masterge77 says:

        Given China’s apparent hatrid of the internet (if the SOPA bill passes, the American Internet will be just like that of China’s), they are probably blocked too

      • Pirra says:

        Sorry for this uber late reply, as you may know, internet access here is not easy.
        I can access this website even when not using a VPN indeed, only the pictures will be missing, but getting this site to load completely (that is,minus pics) isn’t easy. So I don’t come here often.

        I think MediaFire is blocked, but I’d have to test it. Also the website you made and linked to me works fine, thank you so much! I’ve been reading the comic through there.

      • usalt2 says:

        @Pirra: Wow. Your internet connection is really horrible. Stuff like that only happens to me when there’s too many devices using the 2.4 GHz range and interfering with the router…

  49. N-HARMONIA says:

    all of you people scare me ;-;

  50. Ninja_Lollipop says:

    Simple answer: Get Cheren on board.

  51. usalt2 says:

    Hey Black, do you mind me reuploading the comic on imgur and making zipped versions of each chapter? I intend to have a site that links to these mirrors for Chinese fans.

  52. The Silent One says:

    Hey, Artist!Black – do you have a Tumblr? :<

  53. thesilverskull190 says:

    ok, after that 3-paragraph informer below the comic i am now leaning onto the fact that you are probably a female… i hope you one day tell us…

  54. usalt2 says:

    Also, if you are fan in China and you have no friends, you can use this to view the latest part:

  55. Darkrai says:

    I’ve bean watching way too much BLEACH, I’ve even started to see things or I’m a bit mentaly scared from when I was attacked by BEL

  56. IzzyPop says:




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