Episode 20 Part 06



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50 Responses to Episode 20 Part 06

  1. TK says:


    Aww, N. I’m interested in you without panties on.

  2. KarmaKecleon says:

    I don’t know why, but N being disappointed due to the fact he’s not wearing panties to lure back Tornadus made my night.

  3. Rayquaza says:

    N, why u so adorable?

  4. Entei says:

    aww im third

  5. Jolteon says:

    I can see that, N.
    And that I cannot unsee.

  6. Landorkus says:

    N, you’re disturbing me.

  7. Gardevior♂ says:

    N going commando?

  8. Jack says:

    Did… Did I really come here RIGHT when the comic is being updated!?


    … Damn, I’m sad.

  9. Jadell says:

    I immediately looked at N’s crotch when he said that.

  10. Blaziken says:

    Oh, my.. N.. but I expected it somehow.. XD

  11. Virizion says:


  12. Zekrom says:

    I knew it…

  13. TayDBear says:


    Also, N stop making me hnnnnnng~

  14. Totodile says:

    Did you see the position of Skyla on Swanna? Seemed kind of weird… Thats why I like being small so I have no people riding on me in weird positions.

  15. Weezing says:

    How the hell did they get to where they are in the gym without scorchmarks and/or a concussion!? Last time I checked, being shot through a cannon and into a wall left a mark on you!

  16. Haela says:

    Here’s to hoping Black gets his panties stolen! >:D

  17. AltARIa says:

    Yaaay. My day has already started off pretty crappy so this makes me happy. :D

  18. Volcarona says:

    Awww it’s okay N!I’m not wearing panties either!

  19. Of course N has no panties…

  20. Exodus says:

    N, your innocence has backfired. Luckily it backfired in a hilarious way. XD

  21. Hydreigon says:

    It’s okay N, there will always be time for you in panties.

  22. sindaquil says:

    Poor N, too bad he isn’t wearing panties. Though I like the idea of him not (^.^)

  23. Stop kissing up Skyla! I’m still mad you made N cry and now subconcious cause he has no panties :c

  24. SofaTofu says:


  25. PapaDento says:

    Speaking of N never wearing underwear, did anyone ELSE notice that the line near his crotch curves at an angle? Just pointing it out >>

  26. Mountain_Mew says:

    40th comment, lololol counting blah blah blah. -shot-
    Okay, serious comment, N everything is your fault for not wearing panties! Derp.

  27. Marcio says:

    Poor N and his going-comadoness. This is where not wearing panties doesn’t get you anywhere in life N.

  28. Charizard says:

    N is officially protected

  29. Ninja_Lollipop says:

    It’s okay, N. We’ll postpone this entire comic just so you can get some panties.

  30. LeaChaos says:

    Lol at least N is safe from Tornadus

  31. MattTheSheep says:

    bayonetta costums?

  32. Evangeline says:

    N! How many times do I have to tell you to put your panties on!

  33. lur says:

    daaaw, N’s so cute in this comic!!

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