I started Black Adventures on a whim on /vp/ exactly one year ago. AND THEN ALL THIS HAPPENED.

N first appears in the second episode, which according to my files was made on the 29th, so he’s actually celebrating a bit early, but whatever :’u

ahh I wanna do something special to celebrate….




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  1. Brenana says:

    Congrats! It looks like a big celebration here at Black Adventures HQ, Pod even brought his birthday suit!

  2. Ceasefire says:


  3. Dusa says:

    Wait, I don’t get the anniversary gift thing.. What tradition is it to give paper the first year?

  4. Fae says:

    Is it spoilers to ask what pairings you’re looking to end the comic with?

  5. Duckman says:

    CONGRATULATIONS FOR BOTHERING TO STICK WITH SOMETHING FOR A WHOLE YEAR! But it is Black’s Adventures…. I’d stick with it too if I came up with it, and that’s saying something.
    What is this erg to make an anniversary gift for this???
    And I’m loving the Pod banner <3

  6. AmiBunny says:

    Yay!! Happy (late) Anniversary!!! (It’s late cause I was celebrating my own Birthday ;-;) HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN LATE FOR SUCH AN IMPORTANT DAY!!?!?! I am unforgivable T^T

  7. Registeel says:

    Congratulations for making it this far, and I hope to see this comic continue for a long time to come as well! :)
    I’m glad you decided to start this comic in the first place, and while I wasn’t around for this comic’s beginnings, I really am a fan of your work. So Happy Anniversary, and once again, congratulations! :D

  8. Bananaman says:

    Wow, happy birthday N, and Happy anniversary BA! I started reading this before summer break and really loved the art and hilarity of this comic, so I became a big fan.
    My question is: do you have a favorite side character? either to draw or overall character?

    • Black says:

      ahhh I have a lot of favorite side characters;;
      In no particular order: Arti, POD, Ingo, and Emmet.
      For a while, Arti was my favorite, which is why Black has a derpy man crush on him.

  9. WZD says:

    Is Pods x Pods canon? : 3

  10. CrystalDawn~ says:

    Happy Anniversary! ^^ Sorry it”s kinda late. ^^;; Also HOW FREAKING ADORABLE IS N?! XD

  11. Audino ♥ says:

    Happy anniversary! Man, it doesn’t feel that long.


  12. AltARIa says:


    N’s drawing is so damn cute. I don’t see what Black was worried about, N doesn’t know anything about sex as per episode 2. :T…Or does he?
    But congratulations again! Thank you for taking the time to make all of these strips filled with awesomeness. You’re awesome~ :D

  13. GameFreakAK says:

    YEAY FOR A YEAR! You now what we need now?

  14. Netto Azure says:

    Congrats on the 1 year anniversary, a friend mentioned something about a
    “Black Adventures” comic and asked me if I read it a few months back. For a few days I kept on telling him, yes I read it; thinking he was referring to Pokemon Special (Adventures) – BW Arc XDDD

    …then he linked me to this. I was hooked after a few episodes in. xP

    • Black says:

      haha yeah, I’ve noticed people making that mistake;;
      Sometimes I think I should’ve given this comic a different name (especially since there’s a porn site with the same name), but now I can’t imagine it with any other name :u

  15. Faye says:

    Do they always sleep in bed nearly nude? o.o; I don’t even have to ask if it’s together because if it wasn’t N would probably explode.

  16. Genesis says:

    I like to think N nervously woke up Black in the middle of the night for this. :3

  17. Praetors says:

    Will you be making a forum?

  18. thesilverskull190 says:

    since it’s the whole one year an-thing, and you seem to be cmmenting more than usuall, mind answering a question of my own? are you a guy or a girl? if you don’t feel comfortable writing for the public eye, just send it to thesilverskull190@gmail.com , don’t worry, i’m good at keeping secrets ^P*



    …LET ME KNOW, DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry, yelling, please?

    • Black says:

      The answer is out there~
      Use your detective skills, AND THEN DON’T EVER TELL A SOUL.

      Fun fact: people have been posting pics of me online since the Arcadia Mall Tour and that was BACK IN FEBRUARY.

      • thesilverskull190 says:

        ankdnsihnjievnvnoiniwninwivnin mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm OMGOMGOMGOMG THANKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *D*

      • thesilverskull190 says:

        -_-; you just had to be difficult… CURSE YOU BASICALLY GENDERLESS WEBCOMIC CREATOR!!!! i’m sorry!-please don’t unleash your fury!-i love your work!

        oh and a little side note- THIS STATEMENT IS FALSE! don’t think about it- i probably seem crazy now- I AM- but please to be scared, WE LOVE YOU!!! we’re a harmless person! or if you wish, a male, blind, blue-instead-of-green spiritomb named Sival- which is not my real name- WE LOVE YOU AND YOUR WORK!!!

      • Glaceon says:

        The answer to the gender question is simple. Black’s gender is Missingno.

    • Mina says:

      I had to deal with this too. And once I actually found out, Black trolled me by putting a false name on the package of my order DX

      also, I’m sworn to secrecy, so have fun searching~

      • well i did some of my own research (buying keychains r win) and I get the same name every time. so I figure I kinda know what Black is…that doesn’t sound creepy at all though…. O.o

  19. Manna says:

    That gift is adorable N… really, really adorable. o uo


  20. shinxthinx says:

    do you like emmet or ingo better? youve asked us but i want to know your choice :D

  21. Weezing says:

    Is Pod going to be a permanent thing here? I mean, I enjoy a good derp-out like anyone else, but those eyes…

    …they’re reaching into my soul, and touching me in bad places…

  22. ThatRandomGuy says:

    Will there be more MissingNo mayhem in the future? I feel as if he’s being cast to the side recently. What of MissingNo’s “siblings”, such as LM4 and ‘M..?

  23. Articuno says:

    I have to say that your comic has a better plot than the actual Pokemon Anime.

    OK so my questions are this : When you are making your comic, do you start entirely from scratch with a drawing pad or do you scan it in and then ink in a layer over that? Which method breeds success in the long run? And is there any advice you have for a fellow artist?

    • Black says:

      I plan it out on a piece of paper. Each panel is about a square inch and I pretty much just draw floating faces and write dialogue. I don’t scan anything. I find it much quicker to sketch and draw digitally, but making a first draft on paper is convenient because I can see every panel at once and I can work on it even when I’m away from my computer. JUST KEEP DRAWING. PERSISTENCE OUTWEIGHS TALENT. CONNECTIONS OUTWEIGH TALENT. But talent is nice to have, too.

  24. I’ve started reading this two weeks ago.
    …this is my favourite pokemon-related stuff evar now.

  25. Glameow says:

    I love this comic so much :3
    I say N hosts a huge tea party with everyone and the dress code is maid suits :D

  26. Jerome says:

    Why don’t the people have toes?

  27. Raichu says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BLACK ADVENTURES~ I haven’t been here since the beginning, but hey.

    And I don’t have any question because I know it’ll be answered eventually. Or not.

    Oh, and N’s drawing skills amaze me.

  28. eatmeingo says:

    Sob I think you stopped answering but I just wanted to say…
    Because of this comic, I got back into the Pokémon fandom and it has been the most uplifting wonderful thing in my life for almost a year now. I’ve met all my new best friends with it and rekindled friendships with old ones by talking about it again. It really really means a lot to me and I’m ready to stick with you to the very end because this comic is wonderful and the feeling means the world to me. Thank you so much.

    Also, dem Subway Masters. Any chance of a reappearance? Totally wanted them on the beach.

  29. Duder-Skanks says:


    N or Pod?

  30. Meta says:


  31. Gale says:

    Oh. OH. My heart. This is far too precious for words.

  32. Kaky says:

    yay, you’ve hosted a web comic that’s been on for a holw year! Now you can brag about it to your not as talented (by comparison to yourself, of course) friends!. ;u;

    I also see you’re going to answer some questions, here’s my question(s)

    Will Nilbert Ever appear in the comic?

    Will MissingNo.’s past be revealed?

    Will the Musharna (?) or maybe some other outside force that made Black’s dream a reality (The dream that gave him N and Missingno.) Be raveled?

  33. NoonSkull says:

    Wow, one year of **Large arm motions** THIS?! Congrats! I mean, I’m jealous I can’t come up with something half as amazing as what you have created right here. Whatever you’re on, tell me, WHERE CAN I GET SOME?! XD
    P.S I know that I’m not the only one to say this, but, LOVING THE BANNER.

  34. Myshka says:

    Blaaaaack. Since you seem to have the comic relatively planned out, how long do you think it’ll last? I mean, time-wise. I’m just curious as to how much of it is left. Maybe that’s a bad question. XD


  35. Emerald-Eyes says:

    Happy first anniversary!!!
    I’ve got a question about this comic.
    Since you’ve managed to get through 5 gyms in one year, Black will probably already have completed the pokemon leage some time next year.
    Do you plan to continue this heartwarming adventure afterwards or to make a sequel/prequel/new show set in another pokemon region afterwards?
    ( If the possible future of Black Adventures is supposed to be a secret, I hereby apologise for asking you this queistion )
    Oh, and best wishes from Germany!!!

    • Black says:

      When I first planned this out a year ago, I though I would have it done by January 2012, but now at the pace I’m going, and how long some episodes are getting, it’ll probably be done in the summer 2012;;

      Since there’ll still be a lot of New York to explore, and maybe a couple questions to be answered, a sequel is possible.

      Yay to German fans! You guys are always buying Ingo/Emmet keychains lol

  36. Ilishtor says:

    This is just another post by another nameless guy out of the milions on the internet, so take it for what it is: proof that exists yet another person on this wide wide world that appreciates this comic, congratulates with you for the anniversary and hopes you can go on enjoying and drawing this marvellous story.

  37. Justice says:

    Happy birthday Black Adventures ;_;

    I remember finding a random panel of this comic and then frantically searching google for the actual comic. Oh the interesting things I found… I love this. I cannot wait for more >.<

  38. Ella says:

    I so happy Black adventues had made it this far! It’s funny and random and crazy and I wish it would never end!

  39. jessie says:

    Where did u get the idea for all this? I have fallen in love with this comic!!!

    • Black says:

      Well, the first two episodes were just me drawing what a bunch of anons wanted. And then I took over and started drawing things I like while trying to make a more coherent story. That’s about it :u

  40. MrMissMrs Random says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! :D *gets the Chip and Dale dancers and the sparkling cider* Oh yeah~

    I love this comic a lot, and hope there’s plenty more laughs and ‘awwhs’ and ‘HNNNGGG”s to come!

  41. ycart says:

    Man, it’s so weird to think that it was a whole year ago that I saw that thread that created the first episode. I’m so happy I did, though. I even lost track of it until episode five and then came back to it… /shot.


  42. Something I forgot says:

    !!! <3 Yay i didn't even realize it has been a full year xD
    Awwe thats so cute of N
    Y black no has gift for N :U

  43. Ashes says:

    Aaah, cute~! Haa, POD!!!
    HAPPY (…late^_^;) ANNIVERSARY~!!!
    Uhhm, I guess if you’re still answering questions, mine would be if there was something in particular that inspired Black Adventures, or if it was just one big collage of, pretty much, everything awesome and… Uh, some-more-awesome?!!! ><;

  44. Deinosaur says:

    I love this freakin comic

    and I love you all

    SO MUCH. <3

  45. Lambo says:

    This isn’t a question but I’d like to see Black Adventures sextrology facts. *shot*

    • Black says:

      Well, apparently N is a Virgo.
      And Black is a Capricorn. (just because I’m giving him the same birthday as me)


      • Lambo says:

        xD I looked up and wrote down all the facts about N and Black. (WARNING: IT’S LOOOOOOOOOOONG)

        (Virgo) N likes it sloooooow.

        (Capricorn) Black likes it kinky.

        N likes light pain.

        Black likes porn.

        N likes those who are creative with a funny zest.

        Black likes hardworking hearts and a superpowerful aroma.

        Black and N’s element is earth.

        Black is a sea-goat.

        N will make you think he’s sweet and innocent and then he’ll seduce you. (LOL)

        Black’s planet is Saturn.

        N’s planet is Mercury.

        Black likes spooning.

        N likes anything with eye contact.

        N’s lucky day is Wednesday.

        Black’s is Saturday.

        N is highly critical of the people around him.

        Black easily joins a group and can appear like an original member.

        N’s lucky numbers are 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, and 50.

        Black’s lucky numbers are1, 4, 8, 10, 13, 17, 19, 22, and 26.

        N has an excellent eye for detail but he might be so attentive that he’ll neglect larger issues.

        Black is ambitious and strong but also somewhat conservative.

        Black isn’t very spontaneous in bed because he keeps his fantasies to himself.

        N tends to have kinky ideas in bed but needs to feel comfortable.

        N can be very hard on himself.

        Black has an intriguing, sexy quality about him.

        N’s turn on is nurses and secretaries (Nurse black. PFFFT & hhhnnnnnng)

        Black likes younger men. (Oh my.)

        N likes older men.

        Black likes big butts and he cannot lie.

        N is sometimes thouht of as potentially creative, delicately, and lovely.

        Black is stable.

        Black isn’t very spontaneous or romantic, but he’s a very sensual, passionate lover.

        N can get a bad rap for being uptight and critical, but in bed he’s more sensual.

        Black is a serious lover.

        N is a discerning lover.

        N likes to please his partner and he won’t tolerate infidelity.

        Black prefers strong, experienced and confident sexual partners who know what they’re doing.

        Black’s best sex toy is an erotic video. (lol moar pornz?)

        N’s best sex toy is the sex swing… (PFFFFFT.)

        Black is deeply romantic but has trouble expressing himself.

        N has two sides to his personality: the virgin and the vixen.

        To attract Black, be down to earth and practical.

        To attract N, give supportive advice and helpful critiques.

        Black likes strong, powerful lovers.

        N likes spontaneous sex.

        N’s weaknesses are being silent, compulsive, and bossy.

        Black’s weaknesses are being reserved, snobbish, and picky.

        Black’s strengths are being observant, efficient, and appreciative.

        N’s strengths are being tasteful, orderly, and attractive.

        Black likes frequent sex as long as it’s with someone he really cares for.

        The experience with N is quite memorable.

        There can be a curiously impersonal feeling about sex with Black.

        N can be surprisingly aggresive and responsive when he gets you alone.

        Black would have the best sex with N.

        N would have the best sex with Black.

        Black wants you to show interest first.

        N is the type of person who will sort through information carefully.

        N’s hotspot is his belly and the back of his neck.

        Black’s hotspot is the back of his knees.

        N is a perfectionist, even in bed.

        Black is the perfect blend of tough and sexy.

        Black prefers hard-working lovers who put in 110%

        N prefers commited partners instead of one night stands.

        N loves surrendering during sex. Nothing gets him hotter than being taken.

        Black has refined tastes and will only accept high-quality lovers.

        N’s sexy panty colors are brown, dark blue, and dark grey.

        Black’s sexy panty colors (I feel so bad saying this) are black, dark brown, dark green, and grey.

        Black doesn’t play games.

        N may get horny, but he prefers a meeting of the minds.

        N is very sexually devoted.

        Black has deep sexual desires that are hidden from view.

      • Landorkus says:

        So… does the mean N is possibly a fashion designer in disguise and Black is actually stoned and Kcalb is his evil sober side?


      • Lambo says:

        All I know is N likes sex swings. Hurr..

  46. chuchuu says:

    congrats!! this comic is sooo good and i cant wait for the rest of it :D keep up the good work!! ps i also watch ur deviantart too cus i love ur arts xD

  47. Pinkie Pie says:

    One year anniversary? You know what this calls for? A PARTY!

    But wow, I can’t believe that’s it’s been a year already. I got into Black Adventures a month or so after it started and it’s crazy that’s it’s been a year. It’s prolly the only pokemon webcomic I still follow now too! Thanks for making this hilariously awesome thing and sticking with it. =D

  48. Shiny Blazihen says:

    do you have it all planned out until the very end??

  49. Mountain_Mew says:

    Happy Anniversary, Black~ I got you paper. |D

  50. Rickcha says:

    Here’s to another year of blackadventurescomic! Congratulations Black!

  51. Shiny Zorua says:


  52. Landorkus says:

    HERE’S TO BLACK ADVENTURES! *holds up huge glass full of vodka*

  53. __________________ says:

    Happy Anniversery!
    I love your comic, and I commend you for keeping it going for a whole year.
    I have two questions.
    1: Will Black, Cheren, Bell, White, etc. ever realize that N can legally buy alchohol? And if so, will there be hilarious results?
    2: After completeing Black Adventures, are you planning or thinking about doing another comic about a different pokemon game? If so, I recommend Heartgold/Soulsilver.
    Thank you for a year of entertaining updates!

    • Black says:

      1. Well, Black knows. And he’s not too worried about N trying things like that.
      2. A sequel for Black Adventures is a possibility, but I don’t intend to do another pokemon-related comic. I kinda wanna do original stuff eventually :x

      • Deinosaur says:

        Seeing some original stuff will be very interesting indeed. I’d say “I can’t wait!” but that’d mean I’m ready to stop seeing more of N and Black which I’m totally not.

  54. Gato14 says:

    Happy Anniversary! To a future filled with even more traps and shounen ai!

  55. Karinna says:

    Happy anniversary!! It´s only been a couple of months since I started reading, but I´m already in love with it, even if I´m not usually a fan of BL or stories insinuating that xD I like how you manage your story, how your art even though it´s simple works perfectly, and the humor and references you use. Thank you very much for such a great job!

    • Black says:

      I’ve noticed a lot of fans have said they’re not fans of BL, but still can’t stop reading this :v
      Maybe because, as gay as this comic is, it’s more of a comedy adventure? lol I dunno

  56. Sara says:


  57. Volcarona says:

    Happy Anniversary,ya!Here is hoping for many more to come~!

  58. Caitlyn says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been following Black Adventures since it was a thread on /vp/ and it never fails to make me lol… I rarely comment, but I actually like this comic more than I do Pokemon B&W :I So that’s a thing.

  59. Genosect says:

    Happy Birthday/Anniversary keep going with the awesome job!!!

  60. MissingNo. says:

    Happy anniversary :3

    *the wild Missingno fled*

  61. chimi says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  62. Giratina says:

    I have an art request, and I figure now is a good time to ask. Could you draw a tea party scene with all of the Legendary Commenters on Black Adventures? It would also be a good header-image for the Unrelated section.

  63. Shinobigoomba says:

    Here’s to another year of crossdressing shenaningans and other types of awesomeness.

  64. Dianatos says:

    I would say, “here’s to many years to come,” but I don’t know how long this comic will last if it covers only B/W events. Congrats nonetheless. Keep kicking ass, Black!

  65. Blue Rose says:


    Is Nilbert going to make an official appearance in the comic?

  66. Momotouko says:

    If you’re going to answer questions, is it okay to ask if Iris is still alive?

  67. Thundhurrus says:

    Do you believe in the power of Drayden’s beard?

  68. THE Hiker says:

    Boy… I want to do something ta thank you for this wonderful comic. And, I wouldn’t mind if N joined us.

  69. Zapdos says:

    *But not as sad as N*

  70. yukitsukihana says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    Also, will Dream World make a reappearance, either by explanation or event?
    Or is even a yes or no answer too spoilery?

  71. Final says:

    Happy late anniversary!
    I dont know if you are going to answer anymore questions but if so, and I know its kinda spoilerish i guess, but will we see more Ingo & Emmet?

  72. Wildwalker says:

    I finally caught up! Yay! Happy belated anniversary! *Happiness*

  73. Thank God that TVtropes linked me here.

    Pod Pod Pod POD.


  74. RD says:

    What is N’s favourite Pokemon?

  75. jello says:

    by god this is so adorable.
    I’m another one of those lurkers who hardly comment, so I’ll say now I really love the new sides you’ve given to the original Pokemon characters as well as how regularly you update even though you’re handling projects for school as well! And of course the adorable art and facial expressions your characters have :T
    Happy Anniversary!

  76. Runa says:

    So, I have a question?

    ._. Um, just a little thing, but….any chance of an on-site archive? Because you do upload in big chucks and some people do miss out between updates while still in that episode, never mind that digging through the episodes just to find, say, the Christmas panel is a tedious hassle…um….

    *doe eyes* Links to the start of the episodes aren’t enough. They’re big episodes.

    • Black says:

      I tried out the archive widget on this site, and it’s pretty useless :’u
      It only shows one page at a time; the only difference is posts are grouped by month instead of episode;;
      I can set it so more comic strips show on one page, but that would just look awkwardly long/take a long time to load.
      Unless I’m missing something and there’s actually a good way to show an archive on this site, the answer is no;;

      • Runa says:

        Well, I was thinking more text links on a page, ultimately; a lot of comic galleries use text links over graphic links, especially if the pages are numerous at that point in time. Like, simply:

        Episode 1
        -Page 1
        -Page 2
        -Page Samophlange

        as an example. Just something that would get readers to the middle of a chapter, somewhere. *feels uncomfortable for asking, but does believe an archive of some kind would be an asset to the site itself*

      • Black says:

        that would be helpful, but it’d take a while :’u

  77. Christara says:

    Wow.. It has been that long.. Well congrats for your awesomeness!

  78. Psiana-Ray says:

    Wow. Now Black Adventures is a year old. Man, that´s damn long.
    And really, I LOVE this comic. It’s so fucking funny.

    Keep on going like this, Black! ^^

    By the way: Happy Anniversary! :D

  79. Zarnirox says:

    Happy Anniversary! I’m far from a fan-girl (especially seeing as I’m a boy… XP), but I really love your work! It’s hilarious and has a really good story!

    I’m actually working on a Pokemon Black Version comic myself. It’s a bit more personal and appealing to the gaming aspect, so it’s probably not gonna be nearly as good as yours. As of right now, I don’t have a scanner or a reliable internet source, but if I ever do get it up and running I’d really like to know if you want to check it out.

    Any way, keep doin’ what you do! ;)

  80. Ninja_Lollipop says:

    Do I see Pod at the top there? *hurr hurr*

  81. Tadashi says:

    Adding my two cents, again. Congrats on the one year! :D I can’t wait to see how this thing will end.

    Also I used my stalking skills to find YOUR TRUE GENDER!! and, don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me.

    Artist Black actually HAS no gender, guys. Everyone go home :V

  82. Ophelia says:

    i have a question

    Also i love this comic i love it okay thank you <3

  83. Anonymous says:

    Will you be attending New York Comic-Con/Anime Festival this October?

  84. SofaTofu says:


  85. Marisa says:

    also i would die to have that masterpiece N made.

  86. ckr-the-cat says:

    I actually couldn’t stop D’AWWWWWWWWing at that picture. N, Y U SO CYUTE?!

  87. PokemonLovah says:

    Holly crap!!! I share a birthday with a comic!!!! I wanna hug N now!!!!! XP

  88. Cyber_Rosabiii says:

    Congrats! Best web comic EVA.

    Also, I didn’t notice the Pod thing until someone mentioned it. So I checked. And screamed. AND SCREAMED.

  89. Scyther says:

    Are any of the forum pokeregs gonna appear randomly?
    (Out of the ones who didn’t appear yet, of course.)

  90. 'M says:

    I am saddened that we dushwkcheyehdhfjdiwbrhdk can’t know the pairings.

    But one a djeornxksowoenfn happier note, HAPPY ZHCIRORLWPEK ANNIVERSARY AUTHOR!BLACK!
    We all love you sojfkfkjdnrbfk so much.

    I was going to shxkcikebfoco ask if Dirk was gay. Damn.
    Maybe you diohendxj could add in a Pokémon with a speech xjdkenffl impediment eventually.
    One that could osixnbeeifo


  91. Sammi says:

    D’aww. Happy anniversary, Black Adventures!

  92. Enny says:

    Oh wow. I remember the first thread on /vp/. And the days when there was only like five of us commenting.
    I’m so glad this is still around after a whole year.
    Psychic pants forever.

  93. Derpoxys says:

    Question, how long is the pod banner staying? Also Will more bonus be made?

    • Black says:

      til I feel like changing it back :u

      I did like making bonus episodes, but they end up taking most of a day, so I won’t have time for that any time soon;;

  94. Heracross says:

    I’m proud to say that i’m a guy who checks up on this comic on a regular basis. HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY :DD

  95. one word to describe this: AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. C2 says:

    Congrats on making it to a year. This has to be the most amusing comic I’ve read in a while.
    I love their expressions the most, especially Black’s
    Also just thought you should know you have fans from the Caribbean too ^_^ Keep it up!

  97. Oos says:

    Will there be more Pod in the comic? :D Or for that matter the other Striaton triplets but MOSTLY POD :Y

  98. fingerbandaid says:

    Will Black’s masculinity level continue to drop every chapter? It’s sad to see his only chance to be with White getting farther and farther away…

  99. Katie says:

    Let me just say that I have been IN LOVE with this comic ever since I saw a panel on memebase. You are a fantastic writer and an extremely talented artist in your own right. Now I know that it seems like a pretty derpy question at this point, but I just feel the need to confirm… is N actually gay? I’m not gonna ask about Black cause that would be a spoiler. :3

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