Episode 19 Part 29

ahhhh I’ve been having trouble getting out of bed, too fdskjhgfkjhfds


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46 Responses to Episode 19 Part 29

  1. Registeel says:

    Hah, I love Black’s description of Cheren’s physique.
    Yeah, I know how hard it is getting out of bed too, especially if you only caught a few hours of sleep…

  2. AltARIa says:

    …Cheren is actually trying to be helpful? Sort of?

  3. Genesis says:

    Cheren’s self-conscious face <3

    • Shiny Blazihen says:

      Is this your name or are you a character from somewhere?

      • Genesis says:

        Just a username, but I especially like using it here because of all the biblical symbolism author!Black uses with Plasma.

        *secretly named the ninjas Genesis, Psalm and Revelation*

  4. brandy says:

    “get outside before you lose both your love interests to the new guy”
    Best line ever.

  5. Tadashi says:

    “Both your love interests” BAHAHAHA

  6. MrMissMrs Random says:

    Cheren, he is win.

  7. Deinosaur says:

    Cheren’s insecurity face is actually kind of adorable.

    You know, in a lovable douchebag kind of way.

  8. thesilverskull190 says:

    oh cheren! you stupid bitch

  9. Foehn says:

    Two things that made this super awesome:

    Cheren covering his nipples as Black described his physique.

    Cheren sneaking that line about N being a love interest in without Black realizing before it was too late.

  10. N-Harmonic says:

    tsundere encouragement is the best encouragement. simply the best.

  11. Haela says:

    Cheren: 1
    Black: 3

  12. tsuntsundere says:

    Chicken legs… lol

  13. Skitty says:

    Both?!! :OOO

  14. Zekrom says:

    “Both your love interests”
    PFFF. I see what you did there.

  15. misty says:

    It’s like an insult barrage, though it doesn’t seem like Black is thinking about what he’s saying. Poor guy.

    And Cheren continues to be a dick even when trying to (somewhat) comfort Black.

  16. Rory says:

    All I can say is LOL.

    (What makes it funnier is that Black and Cheren have almost the same build anyway.)

  17. Azalee says:

    Cheren how are you always the best, ALWAYS
    This page made me giggle so much !

  18. Sara says:

    Cheren knows, Black. CHEREN KNOWS~~~~

  19. Sammi says:

    Cheren, you are the absolute BEST

  20. Arceus says:


  21. Shinobigoomba says:

    dat brutal honesty

  22. SofaTofu says:

    But he’s a jerk in a speedo. I can’t hate him.

  23. Exodus says:

    Cheren you are freakin’ awesome (not just for that line ^_^). And I loved your little shy moment there XD

  24. So Black calls him a skinny dick and Cheren says he’s overweight. Wow…be glad Black isn’t a girl…

  25. Zoroark says:

    Black, you can’t just use double negatives like that! You’re making my face hurt!

  26. meeork says:

    Oh Cheren, you magnificent bastard, you~

  27. ckr-the-cat says:

    How come everything that comes out of Cheren’s mouth is just made of win?

  28. NAN-EE says:


  29. Jessie says:

    Pffffft Cheren, such helpful advice~ XD

  30. Keiggy says:

    DUDE, I already love Cheren, quit making me love him more ene

  31. Zero says:

    Cheren = Pwnt. As much as I love this guy for his totally arrogant personality, that was too funny! XD

  32. “Nipples on a rib cage.”

    Daaaamn. XD

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