Episode 16 Part 11

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22 Responses to Episode 16 Part 11

  1. Myshka says:

    OH, NO

  2. doodlelover says:

    I love battle scenes ashjbdkanl;dl And cool, Jesus is getting smarter.


  3. Linden says:


    And thus we are left with a cliff hanger.

  4. SailorShine says:

    Ugh, he got smarter. No worries, Joy can still own him.. and ogod Black don’t fall!

  5. Come on Joi! You can beat Jesus no matter how smart he has gotten!

  6. misty says:

    I love Joseph’s expression. I must say, Black has skills.

  7. Azalee says:

    “Damnit, guys…”
    Best fight scene is best.

  8. pchooooo says:

    Come on, you guys! Pull through with a victory!
    N, quick! Use your menger sponge to transform! Looking at you guys in drag may confuse them!

  9. misty says:

    Based on what Jesus said about Joy, Joy would probably easily defeat Clay’s pokemon if it ever came to that point.

  10. JDeko says:

    i love Jesus mocking Joy for being over-leveled and Joy being kinda exhausted by Jesus’ weakness


    [ ophelia finally shows her face ~ ]

  12. ckr-the-cat says:


  13. Hermia_Lucaria says:

    Hermia: If only Joy could evolve…
    NPC: Some Pokemon change form…could that be considered a form of evolution…

  14. Kaky says:

    Wow, Black doesn’t even look the slightest bit concerned that a man skewered him with a glowing sword and he is now gushing blood.

    (LOL Joy’s battle with Jesus lasted shorter than I thought it would… :P)

  15. Smearg says:

    So Jesus is Red Foreman? Oh god, now I can’t help but read all his lines in that voice… What have I done?

  16. Jessie says:

    C’mon Joy, go kick Jesus’ ass!! And damn those tricky ice floors >.>

  17. Lambo says:

    SHIT. I don’t like what happens next. T,T

  18. thomas0comer says:

    At this point the first thing I thought of was Zelda, where you can fight on ice, but taking a hit sends you back a bit, and you can get damaged or stunned easily afterward, and I was damn near screaming “PRESS Z TO USE YOUR SHIELD!”

  19. Mr Charizard says:

    Looking at this while listening to nirvana, it was epic

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