Episode 13 Part 03

I do not like how Dark Trinity looks like in Pokemon Special.

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35 Responses to Episode 13 Part 03

  1. doodlelover says:

    asdgfsgfF;;SFDSDF It’s impossible to comprehend my own excitement. I LIKE THEIR PRIORITIES. Tea is obviously more important than relaying stalking schedules.

    N being all serious. Hnnnnnnnng.

  2. AllTheTimeEver says:

    8I I like your Dark Trin better.
    They look like Mello(Death Note) had kids with Lady Gaga or something in the PKMN Special.
    But you, you make them so beautiful and look like they do in the games.
    And tea. TEA. AND THE CUP AND POT.

  3. WZD says:

    Do you believe in the the Dark Trinity = POD/Corn/Dent?

  4. Bani says:

    KYAAAAA Dark Trinity <3

    I am so excite for these fellas.

  5. Hnnn says:

    Kakashi and Sasuke lovechilds, the lot of them.

  6. Sparkz says:

    *u* Now to only have ‘pure’ service like that- minus the stalking though. xD

  7. Cute_shit says:

    It’s the stalker trio!

  8. emi says:

    I want a teacup like that :v

  9. Gato says:

    I freaked out every time they showed up and grabbed me on my first playthrough. At one point I shrieked that I was being kidnapped and needed an adult. [My mom gave me the funniest look ever.]

  10. Marecki says:

    [spoilers]Dark Trinity are actually triplet gym leaders Serebii confirmed[/spoilers]

  11. Rainbows says:


  12. Dianna says:

    XD YES. You are going along with the fan-theory that Cress, Cilan, and Chili (Cornn, Pod, and Dent) are really the Dark Trinity right? AWESOME.

  13. Netto Azure says:

    Meh, some people say that the quality of the art in PokeSupe has been degrading recently.

    But meh, PokeSupe is still the best. <3 [This is a fan comic it's different! ^-^]

  14. DuderSkanks says:


  15. Setsuna says:

    IT”S TEA TIME!!! THERE IS ALWAYS TOME FOR TEA!! :D But serious yes I agree with this Dark Trinity!

  16. Neko Mimi 3 says:

    The Dark Trinity is Dent, Pod, and Corn in disguise :D

  17. Garlyle says:

    Wait, you mean your Dark Trinity aren’t the Striation Trinity?

    D: !

  18. Shadowfox says:

    Oh shi- N, you so evil.

  19. Ophelia says:

    EEHEE I finally got and finished White ;;___;; which means I can resume my annoying commenting <3

    I want a teapot like that. And a cup. Where did he get them from. |:

  20. LOL says:

    Shadow Triad. <3

  21. Jessie says:

    nice tea set. and look- Shadow Triad~

  22. D: this is fucked up. it’s all staticyyyyy, WHY MUST AN IMPORTANT PART OF THE COMIC BE RUINED!?

  23. Lambo says:

    Why can’t one of the trio look slightly derpy? D:

  24. Reshiram says:


  25. kimtan1999 says:

    The Striaton Gym Leaders ARE The Shadow Triad

  26. I am jealous of N for having service like that. .-.

  27. xavier says:


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