Episode 13 Part 02

Black’s got no game.

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17 Responses to Episode 13 Part 02

  1. doodlelover says:

    What no Black what are you doing it needs to be N time can’t you see he needs you asdfafdgdf;fdgjsf You need a Sassy Gay Friend to tell you these things. But I like staring at White’s hair squiggles, so this is good too.

    WHO IS THIS NEW FRIEND? -anticipation-

  2. N-Harmonic says:

    New friend, hm? Aurora, maybe? :3

  3. Bani says:

    >dat face

    I can’t even.

  4. Myshka says:


  5. Azalee says:

    … why do I think her “new friend” is one of the dates choices. specifically, THE MAID

  6. Alliette says:

    *rolled up magazine* No! Bad Black! Go help N! *points*

  7. Rainbows says:

    “It’s WHITETIME”

  8. Setsuna says:

    Black can’t even purple *smacks face* XD but really Black, poor N. And a new friend beat you too the punch Black ^^; ha although I wonder who it is, I love Black’s face in the last panel that was great!

  9. Annoymous says:

    Bitches love Double Battles.

  10. Shadowfox says:

    “The Day That Never Comes,” had to playing when N is off crying again. Screw you Metallica, screw you.

  11. Blue Rose says:

    My bet that White’s new friend is Elesa.

  12. PikaMallows says:

    -slaps Black- GET AWAY. She’s Bel’s property, got that!?
    Go comfort N you… you heartless sexy bastard!

  13. Jessie says:

    Blaaaaaack this isn’t the time for “White Time”- you need to go cheer up N!!! And White’s got a new friend huh? Perhaps Dirk or Austin or Martin?

  14. Zarnirox says:

    Guys c’mon. Especially considering all the crap he’s gone through… everyone desrves a little White time.

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