Episode 10 Part 13

Guess what that weapon is~

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21 Responses to Episode 10 Part 13

  1. R says:

    A candy cane?

  2. Shadowfox says:

    A peni…. No, it’s just MissingNo.

  3. It’s HITLER.

  4. ShihFu says:

    Oh, lawd. Look at Arti’s arm in the 3rd and 4th pattern. YOUR ANATOMY IS IMPROVING.

  5. Ophelia says:


    … what. I’m sure even Plasma wouldn’t sink to that level of evil.

  6. Marecki says:

    But money…

  7. R says:

    Herp a derp, I guess Tesm Plasma’s weapon can also be a candy cane, too.

  8. Krista says:

    It’s hitler. AMICOOLYET?

  9. Lev says:

    You made Plasma’s clothing look cool…..how is that possible?

  10. Ethan Edwards says:

    I don’t know how evil Plasma’s weapon is, but Black’s is pretty naughty in and of itself.
    YEAH. THAT’S THE ONLY COMMENT I KNOW HOW TO MAKE. No seriously. But I love this comic to death.

  11. Jessie says:

    okay i KNOW im not the only one staring at Black’s- *shot*

    anyways, i assume their weapon is either Hitler or something else of that caleber

  12. Vivian says:

    Jesus has a dirty mouth.
    Cussing does not become you, Jesus.

  13. Arasih Erina says:


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