Episode 10 Part 14

Alphonse Mucha Black. Now that’s OG.

I think I’ll be doing smaller updates multiple times this week so I can hopefully get back on schedule gfkhgdjshgwhdgjm;;;;;

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85 Responses to Episode 10 Part 14

  1. Name says:

    Those spray cans must have some good range to reach that far.

  2. Shadowfox says:

    Vonderbar! I mean, wonderful.

  3. dynus says:

    Oh my! N! You’re a regular king! You’ve gotten your heavens and everything.

    (In the graffiti culture, not the gang graffiti but the kind that actually means something, Kings and Queens are the best of the best and heavens are works that are really high)

  4. It…it’s…/beautiful/…

  5. LemonLime~ says:

    oh my god……..

    Why would you spraypaint that N? XD

  6. ShihFu says:

    Holy shit, son. You actually finished it. SON, I AM PROUD.

  7. Ophelia says:


    /throws money at

    DRAW ME A PICTURE NOW. joking joking but it really does look awesome. I8

  8. PlasmaKing_N says:

    Haaaaah I’m so clever.

  9. lovefiregoesga says:

    ehmm… I’m sorry but are team plasma gonna kill N in the process :O I mean… ehhm bad idea? xD

  10. Marecki says:

    Dat Black painting

  11. Oos says:

    If I woke up one morning and saw Black like that I would put money down his robes

    …I would also put money down Arti’s pants if I saw him in that outfit hnnnnnnnnnn

  12. Ainu says:

    my, how ~erotic~

  13. emie says:

    ….fff i just saw N in the corner. HOW DOES HE EVEN REACH UP THERE

    Also, I love your comic *V* //has been stalking for a while

  14. Yami says:

    That. Is awesome.

  15. Open-your-Heart says:


  16. Open-your-Heart says:

    Also, German, German everywhere.
    Or, rather in dA-style “OMG KLASSE MACH SCHNELL WEITER”

    *sits down and waits*

  17. Moonpaw says:

    wow N XD

    magical spray cans~~

  18. Manna says:

    And N once again uses his magical wizard powers and his super magical spraycans with multiple colors to do justice… once again.

  19. Shinobigoomba says:

    dear god it’s beautiful *_*

  20. Rainbows says:


  21. Omnis says:

    C- Can I just… *strokes painting*

  22. Technorogy says:


  23. ViDez says:

    Good lord.

  24. ckr-the-cat says:

    N… how can you even…?

    Or rather; how can YOU even, Black? Can I watch you over devART, plz? ;w;

  25. Orange_Drake says:

    N is getting progressively more adorable.

  26. hilliean says:

    Awesome art.
    Dunno what to say for this first part of the chapter, But
    don’t worry, I’m still reading and will read it to the end.

  27. Mary says:

    Epic mural is epic. What do the little symbols around Black mean?

  28. SkyBlueFox says:

    holy fucking shit n

    you have some damn good talent

  29. dddd says:

    DO WANT.

  30. Rosette says:

    God damn, but your artwork is gorgeous.

  31. Setsuna says:

    Oh baby! That is beautiful!! Aww N gets so inspired by Black *^*

  32. Josie says:

    Wow… How long did that take to draw?

  33. Draga says:

    Oh god, the little Joltik in N’s hair makes him look so damn cute, Stop makng me question my sexuality damn it!

  34. Grey Lady says:


  35. Kiki says:

    Dat N.
    Dat painting.


    Also… Arms…like…noodles… Brain…poop…

    The reference is appropriate here :I

  36. PikaMallows says:

    Oh shit. That w as HOLY.
    I can’t describe what the hell I’m feeling right now!

  37. Jessie says:

    Oh. My. Gawd……

    I WANT THIS SO BAD!!! if i could i’d steal that pic and hang it in my room and stare for hours (probably do the same to N and that joltik, but perhaps another time ;D )

  38. Lambo says:

    That painting.

    At first I PFFFFFFFFF’d

    Then I awed.

  39. In the hands of N, it’s miracle 8D

  40. FAWLOT says:

    Lol that scraggy is just like ‘HOLY FUCKING SHIT’. I also love how Black is still blushing around Arti.

  41. Kelsey says:

    N’s art is super creepy. Still better than the swastikas, I suppose.

  42. demerots says:

    You have truly impressive range.
    (This is the same demerots as in prior posts, I just happen to have an avatar now).

  43. Lambo says:

    N is a straight up G.

  44. chrysanths says:

    I may just worship N’s graffiti skills. Js. XD

  45. TheWitchAuthor says:

    Hnnnng~ Black. <3
    N is amazing.
    Author!Black; I love the brick pattern detail. : O

  46. Zazi says:

    I love Alphonse Mucha to a disgusting degree, an this brightened my life to come across…

  47. solitaybird says:


  48. Kurapikachu says:

    That painting is magical! I would pay good money to see black like that :)

  49. ActinFishie says:

    goddamn creator, must’ve taken you time to draw all of the character’s paintings, mad respect. also, Black looks amazing, great job N

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