Episode 10 Part 09

My dad drew that White. I got my talent from him.

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21 Responses to Episode 10 Part 09

  1. Ophelia says:


    that belongs in the tate museum … because … because the tate museum is full of … amazing stuff like that.


  2. ShihFu says:

    What happened to the one you drew with your left hand?

  3. Shadowfox says:

    Is not bad, is abstract. Just tilt your head and squint and she looks normal.

  4. Marecki says:

    AAAH inspiration~!

  5. hilliean says:

    I can imagine…
    “hey dad, want to draw something in my comic?”
    “but I can’t draw sh*t kid…”
    “that’s the point!”

    anyway, good job, black’s father, good job.

  6. Setsuna says:

    ha ha Yes your dad has talent!! :3 XD Oh Arti I cannot help but love you! OMG BLACK’s FACE YOU ARE SO CUTE!! AND YOU HAVE SUCH A CRUSH OR ADMIRATION FOR ARTI!!! <3333 Poor N is he going to be jelly?

  7. Piecheese10 says:

    @Ophelia: IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM! indianajones.jpg

  8. Chappy says:

    I wonder what N would have to say about all the happenin’s to black xD

  9. Morgan says:

    Wait, if your dad drew that, yet Black drew that, that means… *gasp* YOU’RE BLACK AND N’S GAY LOVE CHILD!1!!!!1

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