Episode 10 Part 08

Love Shocker Arti! He looks like a gay superhero. Speaks like one, too.

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42 Responses to Episode 10 Part 08

  1. Ophelia says:

    I love me some gay superhero. don’t we all?

  2. ShihFu says:

    Mfw Arti

  3. Shadowfox says:

    I’m not sure what to say, so I’ll just fap to Arti, ‘kay?

  4. Marecki says:

    Black should stop showing off his panties to random creepy men

  5. Orange_Drake says:

    Other than the readers, right?

  6. inaworld says:

    Straight men are a dying breed.

  7. Shadowfox says:

    @inaworld who cares?

  8. Tadashi says:


  9. Daisuke says:


  10. ViDez says:

    Arti~ <3

  11. Setsuna says:

    oh Arti you are beautiful!! <3 I mean Black's face in panel 2 and 3 just say omg crush!! or at least admiration! : ) Yes Black I want to see you draw!

  12. Custards says:

    Yes. I am so happy, you have no idea. <3

  13. Piecheese10 says:

    Oh my. XD This is so great, I may set up an account (aka camp) here! XD I’m gonna have to crank out more “Leavanny” puns now. *turns crank, reads paper* “Leavanny lovin’ for me?” ………. O_o I guess that should come to be expected here! -_-”’

  14. Piecheese10 says:

    Oh, yeah, mind if I make my avatar Leavanny’s face in the last pannel? ITS SO EFFING ADORABLE!!! >w<

  15. Mia~ says:

    Well you know the saying if he looks like a gay superhero and talks like a gay superhero he’s probaly is a gay superhero~

    ps. why cant all gym leaders be gay superheros

  16. Reita93 says:

    Black, no! Don’t fall for Arti! Fall in love with N!

  17. Jessie says:

    my god Arti is HAWT

  18. Is it weird Arti looks like MIKA?

    They’re both sexy as fuckin’ Hell, though. <3

  19. (First comment didn’t senddddd)

    Arti looks like MIKA~~ <3

  20. Lambo says:

    N has a new rival.

  21. On deviantART there’s this group that has an NPC that runs a tailor shop and sells accessories. this NPC is a (gay) Leavanny!

  22. sizzlegiggle says:

    And this was the point, in order to preserve my sexuality, that I had determined Black was definitely a girl.

  23. Here’s where Black’s mancrush begins to bloom. owo

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