Episode 09 Part 06

pff those boulders be Plasma.

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18 Responses to Episode 09 Part 06

  1. Shadowfox says:

    Moonstone shoe… cannot unsee. Also, dem noodle arms.

  2. Ophelia says:

    uh oh, we’re in trouble
    someones come along and theyve burst our bubble

    they’re behind you black ;__;

  3. Enny says:

    The christmas statistics don’t lie

  4. rawkstarvienna says:

    …Black, don’t give away that moonstone. CHEREN WILL BE ON YOUR CASE ABOUT IT LATER. I CAN TELL.


  5. Youngster Joey says:

    Beware of the plasma boulders!

  6. Setsuna says:

    I bet they are using disguises and and are pretending to be boulders. Oh a shiny shoe… Cinderella?

  7. Plasma’s ninja now, they b blending in xDD

  8. windwaker123~ says:

    Dem costume headz xDDDD

  9. FAWLOT says:

    When I first heard of team plasma, I imagined a team of grunts from Halo holding plasma rifles and smoking cigars. They would basically be the Covenant’s version of “The A Team’.

  10. Greener says:


    Author!Black hasn’t used that stone yet, so maybe…
    Maybe Black WILL get another Pokemon someday!

  11. Welp, I’m pretty sure we all know what that Moon Stone turned out to be.

  12. Duth Olec says:

    FOUR YEARS LATER hi. “You don’t evolve in this gen” And now Audino DOES evolve… in a sense. Mega Audino was known of when XYventured started, so I can only imagine everyone has asked if Black has appeared, and I can also imagine some people specifically pointed to Mega Audino.
    Anyway, I have no business posting on a page from over four years ago. *floats away*

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