Episode 09 Part 07

Black will probably reach the Elite Four with just Joy and MISSINGNO because that’s how this comic rolls

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39 Responses to Episode 09 Part 07

  1. Shadowfox says:

    Thank you for answering my question of: What is in a Pokeball?

  2. Manna says:

    So that’s why my Pokemon want to stay in pokeballs o Ao

  3. fukkireta says:

    Obviously Pikachu’s pokeball only had dial-up.

  4. Sasson says:

    The fourth panel is my new favorite Joy face.

  5. lana says:

    You just put them on the line between Pokemon and Digimon.

  6. Ophelia says:

    …what if they were reading black adventures whilst on the internet

  7. hilliean says:

    that explain furry threads…

    • Black says:

      I can’t not see pokemon as just pets :I
      And in the case that they can talk, they become like your children…
      Joy is Black’s child.

      • CherE(n)dgeworth says:

        So, N is the mother or the father, because I don’t quite think he’s embraced the dirty side of family planning yet, let alone done it and given birth…

        Jesus I’m putting too much thought into this stuff, huh?

  8. Enny says:

    Internet, of course! It all makes sense now.

  9. rawkstarvienna says:


    I do hope that they brought their swords.

  10. Youngster Joey says:

    considering talking pokemon and the inside of pokeball= internet do i see this webartist making a potential Digimon webcomic?

    • Black says:

      @Youngster Joey
      Considering I care more about human characters, no.
      I also wanna try something completely original after this…

  11. Orange_Drake says:

    Now imagining Joy saying “Don’t worry, I’m from the internet!”

  12. Setsuna says:

    This seriously makes sense and answers all my questions. How do you always know the right answer Black? How do you always know?

  13. CherE(n)dgeworth says:

    Well, if Pokeballs have Internet, it must really suck for those pokemon who have no hands…

  14. Zarnirox says:

    I saw the “internet” pannel on Pokememes. Then I found out that it was from here, that’s how I got into all this just now. I know it’s kinda late, but I really love your work. : )

  15. I’m the same with Zarnirox, I found out about this epicsauce comic cuz of Pokememes. xD I was on the school computers and the first couple comics/episodes made me get in trouble cuz of laughing so freakin’ much. :I

  16. Lambo says:

    Jesus is a tsundere.

  17. Darkari says:

    NEVER let Tornadus or Thundurus be caught. They will never come out, as they will be busy watching something “questionable”.

  18. Darkari says:

    NEVER let Tornadus or Thundurus be caught. They will never come out, as they will be busy watching something “questionable” in the ball.

  19. NostalgicSparrow says:

    I am now going to live in a pokeball. Goodbye, family, you might never see me again ouo;;

  20. Altaria says:

    The description to this strip makes me giggle when you think about where we are in the comic now. uwu

  21. ActinFishie says:

    Black and Joy’s convo is pretty wholesome, also the idea that inside a pokéball is the internet is a p cool idea considering pokémon become digitilaized data or whatever when recalled

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