Episode 07 Part 12

This can only end well.

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25 Responses to Episode 07 Part 12

  1. hilliean says:

    spoke too fast, man, spoke too fast.

  2. Louise says:

    Haha, Black CANNOT be thinking N will get some from White… I can just imagine N’s response if she asked him “THAT DOESN’T GO THERE!” (It’s amusing because it does… *sigh* Innocent N)

  3. Shadowfox says:

    Put it on… it’ll make Bel happy. I know that’s what you want.

  4. WZD says:

    3rd panel is mai favorito uguu

  5. Enny says:

    Damn I want that apple victini. Too bad its so rare and expensive.

  6. Rainbows says:

    That “Ha.” just killed me.

  7. Setsuna says:

    I can only imagine what Bel got Cheren XD a maid outfit! <3 lol Black is so jelly! Look at white's ass man, you sure love those ass shots XD

  8. PKMN Trainer Red says:

    0.0 I see…I see…a bizzare love triangle

  9. PikaMallows says:

    Bel… -cries- dontcha love White anymore? -sob sob-

  10. Hermia_Lucaria says:

    Dude it’s a solid you made you’ll just have to wear it til your debt has been paid… (So glad it wasn’t a puppy in there)…

  11. lolz! I can try making a copy of that apple victini… righ after I make my krookodile costume…

  12. Quinny says:

    My immediate thought- “Cheren should wear a maid outfit.” back in the Halloween episode. So that’s my guess. MAID OUTFIT.

  13. windwaker123~ says:

    The :| Face :D

  14. Dose not know if want (is in a mental struggle dosnt know if she likes Hyaline or IsshuShipping this makes it worse

  15. Chappy says:

    Cheren must be slippin’
    He promised without thinking it out D:

  16. Him says:

    what if white gets a crush on N

  17. Bwahahaha, N/Black’s faces in the third panel.

  18. aslandus says:

    I believe WE know exactly what this is…

  19. Espurr says:

    I just love Cheren’s “Ha.”. Also, Black is so jelly now. Poor Black.

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