Episode 07 Part 11

ShihFu came up with “Menger polish.” I thought it was funny, so I used it.

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32 Responses to Episode 07 Part 11

  1. Orange_Drake says:

    I just realized, N’s annoyed face looks a lot like Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time.

  2. Marecki says:

    Menger polish…clever

  3. Louise says:

    N’s faces are genius!

  4. Shadowfox says:

    Man, I need to stop listening to “Something in Your Mouth.” N’s panel 3 face… mmm-hmm.

  5. Finntroll says:

    Menger polish just left me in a good mood.

  6. Shadowfox says:

    @Black Sadly, you’re right. Maybe Vlack can teach him somegay… er day, y/y?

  7. Shadowfox says:



  8. Shadowfox says:

    @Black That’s the spirit. OH MY GOD I’M A SHIPFAG NOW!!!!! NOOOOOO!

  9. Enny says:

    You’re telling me. This comic needs to stop turning me into a yaoi fangirl. (that’s a lie, keep goinggggg)

  10. Setsuna says:

    ha ha yay for the yaoifangirlness XD <3 ha ha yes Menger polish! I wonder what N got White, Black looks suspicious

  11. Setsuna says:

    @Black omg yes N’s face is the panel 1 and 2 makes me fangirl squeee!

  12. Diagnostics says:

    i bet black would want n under the misletoe if he wore those bootyshorts, too.

  13. PikaMallows says:

    I wonder what N gave to White.

  14. Emily says:

    ..N’s face is the second panel is ADORABLE<3333

  15. Catywampus says:

    i esploded like i said i would. the cute became to much D8

  16. GameFreak98 says:

    Lol……It’s funny cause the Menger Polish is made up of Neurotoxin, fish, and rhubarb.

  17. Momo says:

    Won’t lie, my inner Ferriswheelshipper is slightly peeved at N’s reaction to White.

    The rest of me wants to bare your children for making this comic.

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