It Begins…

Well, I hope you guys enjoy what I have done so far.

I have other plans today, so…

Happy Halloween!

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13 Responses to It Begins…

  1. WZD says:

    White is so cute.

  2. SkyBlueFox says:

    I decided to take a frame and painstakingly color it in.

  3. Moonpaw says:

    i love this series~ keep up the good work~! X3

  4. Tyrant says:

    :D perfection.

  5. Zebstrika says:

    I absolutely love your point of view. White being badass, N being clingy, and stuff. It amuses me every time I read them. Keep the pace! Though some of us might be dreading the end of Black’s adventures…

  6. Lord says:

    *time travel nosies* well the date will be wrong but ok. I time traveled

  7. Akito says:

    Eres superhipermega genial :’D

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