Episode 03 Part 01

This time around, I only let you guys decide on what Halloween costumes Black and N got to wear because I kinda already have most of the story planned out.


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13 Responses to Episode 03 Part 01

  1. The way N sleeps is adorable. Reminds me of a cat. Maybe he’s been spending too much time with that Purrloin he has in-game…

  2. Morgansmash says:

    D’aaaaw <3 Why can't I have an N to sleep at the foot of my bed???

  3. HE SLEEP LIKE I DO!( i talk bout N

  4. LucarioDopa says:

    And so, the madness began…

  5. Damn, looking at this compared to the latest update really shows how much A!Black’s art-style has evolved.

  6. Saixel says:

    I can’t help but look at that second panel funnily…
    Is it just me? Orrr does it really seem like White’s a biiiiit exposed there? o-o;;;;;;
    ( Talkin’ ’bout dem boobehs.)

  7. Archen says:

    Oh my……………………….

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