Episode 02 Part 13


How anti-climatic!

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19 Responses to Episode 02 Part 13

  1. Rickcha says:

    I don’t like where Hitler is going

  2. Dvandemon says:

    Are these cut and paste panels?

  3. lovefiregoesga says:

    N rather stays with black then go home to his luxury castle -.-”’

  4. Shadowfox says:

    Keep your pants on… that thought is long gone.

  5. Josie says:

    I love the look on Hitler’s face!! You’re really good if you can make Hitler look cute! =D

  6. I love how Black screams “FUCK!” and it gets N all hopeful. XD
    Poor N.

  7. N-Harmonic says:

    *rereading for the hell of it.*

    N promised nothing, and three chapters later, the pants are off. You always gotta wait for the other shoe to drop…

  8. Disciple of Midna says:

    I’ve read through this I don’t know how many times before, and I *just* noticed the epicness of the remote. Man, I’m oblivious. >.>

  9. DomesticatedDisaster says:

    Hitler’s face right after seeing the Jewish painting on TV = Best face ever. XD

  10. Ralts says:

    Wah. MY homework!!!!

  11. Akuto says:

    (ha, this comment is so late) I actually had the “I promise nothing” panel as wallpaper months before I discovered this comic. I always thought it was the farris wheel scene…

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