XY Episode 11 Part 63

one day left!

also come to kumoricon this weekend to kick my ass!

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13 Responses to XY Episode 11 Part 63

  1. Kyogre says:

    I enjoy how AZ has calmed down enough for them to play dress up with him

  2. Foehn says:

    I thought her eyes were blue.

    • RoyalRose says:

      She probably has colored contacts in, especially since she’s been visiting so many fashion shows, Yvonne’s dolling herself up!

  3. Derpasaurus says:

    C’mon AZ, you can do it.

    Spill. Spill. Spill.

  4. rkscythw says:

    Diatha? Congrats on only one misspelling the update author!Black ;p

  5. Anna Mott says:

    Knowledge is power.

    Gossip is knowledge.

    Talk shit about everyone.

    Be smart be powerful.

  6. Dammit, you’re going to Kumoricon and I was gonna be there but I couldn’t this year!!! >~<

  7. Mimikyuuu~ says:

    AZ knows some shit. Spill the hot goss, you smitten, immortal, giant.

  8. Maeu says:

    so glad that you’re updating again, i absolutely love this comic and BA!
    will you ever do something like a HG/SS comic? i’d love to see how you portray the characters

  9. Meep says:

    Malva doesn’t talk shit about lysandre because he owns the press, doesn’t he?

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