XY Episode 11 Part 41

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4 Responses to XY Episode 11 Part 41

  1. Azalee says:

    i let ou the loudest “YASSSSSSSSSSssssssssssss” when Malva showed up.
    Oh Malva my evil queen I’d walk with you to the ends of the Earth and just sigh happily when you inevitably pushed me into the lava pits of hell

    More seriously and just as gayly, I continue to really appreciate how you dress up everyone in new, lovely and fitting outfits all the time! Malva obviously looks amazing but Alexa’s getup is also really nice and fits her well.

  2. Derpasaurus says:

    Oh, this dumpster fire woman.

  3. Alex says:

    Is that Tenko, Maki and Himiko in the bg OH MY GOD

  4. Clouds says:

    My head says catfight but my heart says lesbians

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