XY Episode 11 Part 39

next part sooner than later _(:3」∠)_

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10 Responses to XY Episode 11 Part 39

  1. riceflowers says:


  2. Kyogre says:

    I like that they are wearing matching shirts.

  3. Volcarona says:


    AZ is like “hey, xavier… Youre young and attractive and i think you’re the most beautiful thing ive seen in the last 100 years” lmao

    I love your art style…. It feels like it improves w every update? Idk how tho?

  4. Ashtree says:

    Once again you’re making me fall in love with a couple I never expected to fall in love with but goddamn it I love it

  5. he’ll be doing some[i]one[/i] of note soon~

  6. SaddestOfPandas says:

    Wow that made me really sad.

  7. SaddestOfPandas says:

    Wow that made me really sad.

  8. Hermia says:

    “This might not sound convincing coming from me, but trust me- You’re still young and attractive.” Floor ain’t the only thing that’s gonna be hard tonight, Xavier.
    Listen Yvonne, we understand you might not like Xavier on a friendship/business-partnership level, but girl, if you don’t fudging set up a hidden mic at minimum, or at least a good disposable camera, you are gonna miss out on some perfectly good yaoi…

  9. Mimikyuuu~ says:

    What a good heart to heart. I’m kind of glad for Xavier because even if Ruby was listening in, he can’t understand French/Kalosian!

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