XY Episode 10 Part 41

Next ep: More AZ! Like maybe his entire face!!

It was also BA’s anniversary, so I wanna draw something for that, too :o

I have AWA and Yaoicon back to back, but gonna die trying to keep up with the comic because AZ!!!

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19 Responses to XY Episode 10 Part 41

  1. Gato14 says:

    I want Xavier’s panda jammies tho.

  2. Kyogre says:

    I hope he manages to make more of the outfits, reach 150! Only 10 more.

  3. AZ with a low ponytail, tho…-drools-

  4. Ashtree says:

    Lol good to see that the portags still suck at battling

  5. Lord says:

    *Came back to catch up last week and saw it had not updated in months*
    *Come back after seeing a meme from BA and see it updated*
    Sometimes the universe is kind.
    And man its been a while since I last commented.

  6. Celebitch says:

    I haven’t commented in ages, but I still adore your comics. Every time they update I get s O EXCITED, and I always manage to remember this just after you post.

  7. Quilladin says:

    Yay more comics

  8. kusuriurikun says:

    THE COMIC LIVES *squee*

  9. Duth Olec says:

    what’s pokemon xy
    all i know is this weird cool new game about pokemon space

  10. Jason Jaska says:

    Omg, i feel utter joy that the comic is back, i might lose mah soul to it, but its been sooo long omg.i don’t know how to feel, like I’m not sure about feelings anymore.i just know I’m glad this is back!

  11. serphsAss says:

    holy sheep, last time i catched up to this comic was way back to the ferris wheel episode in black adventures and now that i re-read it and catched up, im feeling empty again;;;;;;

  12. tsuntsundere says:

    We get to see AZ’s WHOLE face? Now that is an ipdate worth waiting for. Good luck with your cons AB!

  13. Nuggz says:

    Man, its been like 2 years since ive read this… didnt take long to catch up lol. Still top quality

  14. Grant says:

    I love this comic so much, but I feel like a this rate, the comic will never be over or end up getting abandoned. To fix this I think you should end this comic early and figure out a way to make comics that wont take 6 years to update. Although I cant think of a good way to end this comic early aside from just ending it, I think you need to either stop making this comic and tell everyone it is over, or make black and white comics (refering to the colors) that dont have as big of a plot therefore take less time to end. I really hope you read this because I have been reading your comics for years and I hate to see people that are never satisfied when you dont update this comic. Anyway, just try to consider that this comic wont be ending any time soon if you update it every six months.

    • Black says:

      I have considered it, but I also really want to finish it the way I planned;; Now that I’m back in the mood, I’m gonna keep on trying

  15. DS64 says:

    Still waiting…

  16. Ahh, I just started Black Adventures less than a week ago and am all the way here now >~<


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