XY Episode 10 Part 29


Sorry I died from holidays and stuff;; Contest finalists will be posted VERY SOON

For the record, I’m not making AZ avoid pronouns on purpose lol he really hasn’t had a reason to say them in english. They’re talking in french tho so he knows Xavier’s a dude :v

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7 Responses to XY Episode 10 Part 29

  1. Volcarona says:

    Hey there! I just decided to see if my favorite webcomic updated, and it did! Like today, too! I just. Want Az to send really cute texts to xavi. Or maybe like more honest ones to him +_+ like telling him he’ll protect him and stuff. And does Lysandre care about Sycamore in a more romantic way?! I loved his “dont say things like that” bit. I see it in the way that he loves Augustine but also aknowledges he probably isnt a good fit. Aah! Tbh the latest generations episode reminded me of this comic. I thought “did black see this yet? I miss Az!”

  2. XD thanx to you i began to ship az and xavier jajajaja

  3. Manna says:

    “It’s been like a minute”

  4. trumpeterjen says:

    Now that I think about it, a fashion designer is a perfect partner for someone with such unusual body proportions.

  5. KitKat Kelly says:

    I really love the eyebrow that Antoinette gets in the 2nd to last panel. (Antoinette is the red one right?)

  6. Misdreavus says:

    Knowing this comic, at the end, Sycamore is probably gonna fuck Lysandre.
    Like, calling it now.

  7. Peachypanda says:

    I am soo hyped for the next part 😍😍

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