XY Episode 10 Part 21


Reminder contest is going on! 

basically the most AZ is doing is chores or entertaining Jiraiya, but hey that’s an improvement from doing nothing

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23 Responses to XY Episode 10 Part 21

  1. OMG I’m loving it!!!! Because of you I actually ship these two!!! XD

  2. Iusedtobexxxbutnotanymore says:

    AZ’s not using male pronouns…

    Eh? -user is confused-

    AZ is too cute, I’m A LITTLE stupidified by that.

  3. niachii says:

    Awwww!! So cute!! >.<
    Never stop uploading!! :D

  4. Ashley DeHaan says:

    How is AZ so cute, he’s like 8 feet tall and 3000 years old!!!!!

  5. Umeko says:

    I am so curious what Jiraiya is doing on the computer…

  6. Gato14 says:

    If this doesn’t end with these two being the cutest domestic couple I will set things on fire.

  7. Fenmura says:

    how do you enter the contest again??

    • somebooty says:

      you either email it (he should have an email on the page where they announced it), or post it to tumblr and tag them, or submit it to thier tumblr.

  8. Manna says:

    AZ is so smooth even if he doesn’t mean to aww

  9. Kyogre says:

    Oh, i thought AZ was using the computer at first. It is funny to see Az still bundled up despite being indoors, i Imagine he is very warm, strip AZ! Strip! I wish to see Xavier’s reaction. Shame on the honedge for getting in the middle of what i can only imagine being a moment.

  10. trumpeterjen says:

    They need to wear matching outfits for the next battle!

  11. gintokys says:

    im crying this is perfect

  12. Jolteon92 says:

    Lmao I never thought I would catch myself thinking, “Az is adorable!” I didn’t think I’d like this couple but I kinda do.

  13. Lee says:

    HEY AB I was wondering if you saw the new Pokemon Generations anime short with Black and N; it was sad and pure and aaaaaa

  14. bloop says:

    Also, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I’ve noticed that Zavier’s hair has gotten longer over time. I love how you’re showing the gradual passing of time by making his hair slightly longer. :OOO

  15. Volcarona says:

    AZ KINDA HIT ON HIM!!! AZ IS STILL A BLUSHING MESS!!!! I JUST–!!!! OH MY GODS AZ IS SO ADORABLE!! i cant wait til Xavi realizes this

  16. AsherDasher says:

    Shit Black you’re making me ship them fffffffrick I’m too gay for this lol


  18. Fascher says:

    I’m absolutely in love with this

  19. i really love this comic, im your fan =)

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