XY Episode 10 Part 09


Reminder contest is going on! 

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30 Responses to XY Episode 10 Part 09

  1. I ❤ Vulpix says:

    Ahahaha. Xavier’s pose in the last panel XD

  2. Kyogre says:

    Oh my, things are really heating up here, can’t wait to hear that back story, and see how Az continues to act around Xavier.

  3. Umeko says:

    Calm yourself, boy.

  4. lumalazuli says:

    I enjoy the last panel. The size difference is so good. Also AZ’s little blush.

  5. SpectralHaunter says:

    Xavier that is not the kind of thing you should be doing in booty shorts.

  6. Ren says:

    I am way too excited by this turn of events

  7. SoulKnight says:

    In the last panel, AZ has no clue what to do with the pretty boy on his lap.

  8. KitKat Kelly says:

    Oh boy

  9. Pikachu says:

    Look at where his hand is.

  10. PinkieKite says:

    I didn’t even like AZ and suddenly, you’re gonna give me feels and gay vibes of these two?
    Don’t get my feelings involved! I can’t take it… Hnng!

    Also, I can’t wait for the drama, when Lysandre (probably) kidnaps AZ!

  11. Manna says:

    JES SU CHRIST XAVIER. Down boy. At least for now. Do whatever you want later. :V

    I’d get used to this AZ

  12. miky898 says:


  13. Volcarona says:

    Alright, when i first heard you say AZ was gonna be the love interest a few months ago i couldnt see it. but now, now i am a full convert bless the gentle giant and the foxy foreigner

  14. Mimikyu says:

    The moment I saw the last panel, I knew that this is gonna be good.

  15. Angel says:

    oh yes i definitely want to know

  16. Jirachi says:


  17. trumpeterjen says:

    Artist Black, how do you pronounce “AZ?” I’ve always just said “az” phonetically, but some say Ay-Zee. What’s your take? I want to know as I read this.

  18. Savage says:

    MMM-HMMM thas some good shiptease right thar.

  19. Iusedtobexxxbutnotanymore says:

    Oh boy…

    OH BOY…

    Honestly, I can’t even–!

    My mind says NOPE but my body says YAZZ. Now I’m really confused ._.

  20. Snorlaxation says:

    While I love the size difference, and while I love booty shorts, and while I love Xavier IN booty shorts, this pretty much confirms that Black has the better butt.

  21. Misdreavus says:

    Damn… here I was thinking that canon AZ was cool.
    This AZ is the new canon AZ for me. :3

  22. If_umbreon_is_cancer_then_call_me_a_tumor says:

    Dat add tho

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