XY Episode 09 Part 11


gonna do my best to finish this chapter before AX gjhfdfd

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23 Responses to XY Episode 09 Part 11

  1. rastberry says:

    i understand how the guy in the last panel feels. i forget his name, sorry

  2. Kyogre says:

    Xavier looks rather cute when he is running away.

  3. Jolteon92 says:

    This whole update is hilarious. I love watching the girls fight. Lol

  4. Kittycara says:



  5. Eon827 says:

    Oh my gosh, Xavier. Don’t die.
    Yvonne, you’re looking great.

  6. You have to put Ashita no Joe reference there, don’t you? xD

  7. Dusk says:

    I love Marie’s little shrug there.

  8. Duth Olec says:

    Yours is the ONE IN BLUE

  9. Hermia says:

    Excuse you Dexio! but Yvonne is definitely the better looking and more fashionable white girl here. Ugh that flame red is so garish.

  10. Iusedtobexxxbutnotanymore says:

    Dexio, babe, take this one big cup of FuckYou.

    1) The controlled gym leader always wears a kind of light red clothes.
    2) Your “hero” has the bigger plot.
    3) You are also white as fuck.

    Also, didn’t we already lived this whole “hero” thing and that they does not act heroically at all??

    Poor blades (which names I have already forgotten because it was so long since the last update).

    Is shauna going to become the next champion? It looks…really plausible, to be honest.


  11. Naomi says:

    I binge read all of your comics.
    What year is this? How long has it been? I honestly have no idea, but it was dark out, and now it’s daylight! 6 – 7 hours, maybe? Probably longer.

    I love it. Although I still want to see Black meet up with N again, I’m loving this new art style and Pokemon XY comic. The characters are all great. I was a little disappointed to see how people seem to find Sycamore x Xavier disgusting and hate Yvonne. I love both, but I guess I can see how someone might not. I’m currently writing a similar story. Maybe I shouldn’t release it, lol. World not ready for my older guy tastes! ;~;

    Can’t wait to see more! I love all of the characters. Really clever how they’re defeating people through fashion and beauty. This is awesome!

  12. Bali~ says:

    Lel, will Ationette evolve into Duoblade? It would be really cool to see some dual swords :D

  13. xD says:

    Dexio you’re a white boy yourself. Come on now.
    I guess Xavier better start training his pokemon huh? A human ain’t going to fair that well against them…(or course there are exceptions but Xavier isn’t one of them.)

  14. Mimikkyuuuu~ says:

    you’re even whiter than they are, Dexio!

  15. kayenerys says:

    Xavier bby noooo

  16. tsuntsundere says:

    I got caught up again~ It’s been a while since I’ve checked in

    Get rekt Dexio. Marie too. Yvonne needs to scarf some rare candies, level up, and beat their asses. Starting to think Dexio may be an ex-flare team member. He’s got the right face for it… Sina is still pure at least

    Is it bad that whenever I see Xavier trying to show off booty, I just think “Black would wear it better”? He just doesn’t compare, it’s so sad.

    Garbage man AZ was adorable, I imagine him as a big dumb who cannot take care of himself and is only still alive because of whatever is allowing him to be immortal (shut up, I got distracted and haven’t finished X/Y yet…) His hair also looks like furfrou’s. Can he be Xavier’s next new pokemon? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind playing dressup…

  17. Galvantula says:

    I laughed so hard I scared the cats, (and my mom) and ended up having to show her what was so funny. Lucky me, it was a tamer page!

  18. GM says:

    Just binge read this comic (because someone said that it took this to make Sina and Dexio memorable and I foolishly thought I could take inspiration from a gag comic.) This scene makes so much more sense now.

  19. naokitty769 says:

    I’m getting some jerkish vibes off of Dexio when it comes to ladies other then Sina

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