XY Episode 09 Part 04


Love Shocker Yvonne and Rapid 99 Xavier

more soon, I think; I’m going to Illinois in a week for ACEN aaaaa

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35 Responses to XY Episode 09 Part 04

  1. if this was animated, Ass N Titties would be playing in the background

  2. Grant says:

    I’ve noticed Xaviers hair is growing out. it looks good

  3. Temia Eszteri says:

    ‘You take that back!’

  4. Kyogre says:

    I like that even the lucario is blushing, and shauna likes what she sees, I am wondering if shauna is actually a better trainer then both Xavier and Yvonne since she actually does pokemon battles. Oh and summer is approachin, can’t wait to see what you might have in store for that.

    • Big Boy Came Home says:

      She’s probably better than Xavier at least since he’s like 0 percent interested in catching or training his own.

  5. Seph says:

    They are just perfect for each other.

  6. Big Boy Came Home says:

    I’m the one screaming for them to sit on my face.

  7. Khaisz says:


  8. Keiran says:

    By their standards that is still “getting along”. So hey.

    …also damn Xavier looks good with eye-shadow.

  9. Snorlaxation says:

    I’ll be honest, I’m imagining Black filling out those shorts even more than Xavier does.

    But either way, I’m always pleased by the Jet Set Radio references.
    (Not to mention the Persona crew in the audience).

  10. Emboar says:

    Right now I’m imaging the song ‘Let’s Dance Boys’ from the game Bayonetta is playing. I have to admit, it fits and I like that it does.

  11. MizuhoKanakazaki says:

    Xavier’s has gradually become longer and more sexy.

    Yvonne has a nice bod though seriously. I’m jelly ya know?

  12. NightDragon says:

    That guy saying “sit on my face!” made my laugh so hard i do not know why.
    Oh and Xavier and Yvonne talking trash while posing.

  13. Corn says:


  14. Alphaka says:

    Le sigh, I still miss the wonderful N and Black… Not saying that this isn’t great though XD

  15. Umeko says:

    Throwback to Burgh and Elesa?

  16. Jason Jaska says:

    hey at the end of this,do you guys think that Xavier will get Xerneas cause 1.)it represents his name with the X and 2.)its like Black adventures and the main characters of the story get the Legendary Pokemon or will they have switched legendaries?

    • trumpeterjen says:

      Yvonne’s definitely got the destruction thing going on, so she’d probably get Yveltal. Xerneas makes more sense for Xavier.

      • Blazing Typhlosion says:

        But their rooms are the wrong colors, their swords are the wrong color, and their outfits are the wrong colors.

  17. notableAnonymity says:

    Since Shauna is actually fighting and training, will she receive Korrina’s Lucario?

    • Blazing Typhlosion says:

      It will probably be Xavier getting Lucario, seeing as Yvonne already has three mons, and Xavier only has two.

  18. Liz says:

    Yvonne can always have my vote

  19. lumalazuli says:

    Xavier’s slowly growing hair, is probably the hottest thing I have ever witnessed.

  20. Hans Gunsche says:

    Xavier must be really good at tucking his you-know-what to look so feminine in shorts.

  21. Eon827 says:

    This comic is brilliant; I love it.

  22. That JoJo pose tho.. And yeah, I’d hit ’em both too.

  23. yuwannaknow says:

    Oh man, I have lost sleep over reading these comics!

  24. I hope xavier ends up with lucario, its one of my favorite pokemon so I hope he gets it

  25. traiii says:

    Xavier has single handedly gotten me into tanned guys, GG

  26. Nocturnos says:


    When will this continue? I love XY Adventures!

  27. Tallymark says:

    I feel like Shauna is going to be the actual hero by the end of this.

  28. Clouds says:

    I’m rereading after the update and Yvonne is hot and I am gay

  29. ActinFishie says:

    damn it they’re both hot!!!! i’m blushing mad rn like Trevor in a way

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