XY Episode 08 Part 21


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6 Responses to XY Episode 08 Part 21


    I love the zany plot and the unconventional battling methods but at the end of the day I just really like Pokemon and love seeing them do stuff aw;elkjaw;lkejt IT’S SO COOT all Yvonne <3

  2. Nimisect says:

    I wonder if Yvonne is intentionally training her HP, or if she just picked out the cute Marill punching bag.

  3. Hedge-Is-In-Fandoms says:

    Yvonne basically: “I’ll kick your ass, I’ll kick your mom’s ass, I’ll kick my own ass!”

  4. Thundhurrus says:

    * Yvonne kicks a large boulder’s ass, just because she can.
    * Yvonne kicks ten large boulders’ asses, just because she can.
    * Yvonne kicks her own ass, just to prove nothing is impossible.

  5. ActinFishie says:

    Kimo beloved!!!!

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