XY Episode 08 Part 16



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7 Responses to XY Episode 08 Part 16

  1. Kyogre says:

    It almost looks like they are just wearing colored eye contacts, sort of curious why he wants to strip them, is it the tacky clothes that controls the person? At least they got what was coming to them for bullying shauna.

    • Khaisz says:

      The red suit is what controls people apperently, the gym leaders earlier was under mindcontrol while wearing red suits which gave them red eyes.

  2. Maximum Salty says:

    Emergency clothes-flensing mode in action.

    Wait until Xavier finds out about that function.

  3. ShedNinja says:

    Interesting. Dexio is not so clueless without Sina any more it seems. It is a bit jarring, although I suppose he might have more EXP. in this field. Or at least more than the others. I suppose it makes sense for him to take charge.

  4. Hans Gunsche says:

    Aaaaaah Shauna’s holding Yvonne’s arm~!!

  5. Splair says:

    Love this webcomic <3 <3

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