XY Episode 08 Part 11


more soon!

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23 Responses to XY Episode 08 Part 11

  1. Larvesta says:

    Aw, Shauna baby… someone needs a hug.

  2. Jirachi says:

    oh my god poor Shauna I want to hug her, but at least she’s a badass. I hope she ends up as the champion ngl because she deserves to be good at something at least

  3. polas says:


  4. Kyogre says:

    You go Shauna, release that repressed anger on some low leveled grunts! Make them feel even a slight amount of your pain! Then take a little of their money for winning and buy yourself something nice.

  5. Iusedtobexxxbutnotanymore says:

    My beibeh!!!

    My poor, little, precious, PRECIOUS BABY!!!! QAQ!!!

  6. Lavellannika says:


  7. Umeko says:

    Shauna bby!!! ;_;

    also dat sheehh

  8. Jolteon92 says:

    Loving this comic!

  9. lumalazuli says:

    Shauna has to turn out totally badass because of all the pain she has already been through.

  10. alecton says:

    Well, they make Shauna cry. Everytime Shauna cry a baby seal die. Don’t make Shauna cry pleeeeaaaase ! I really like her !

  11. Hans Gunsche says:


    also noooooo Shauna don’t cry darling ;n;

  12. Kindra says:

    Oh, poor shauna bby…. getting rejected by her crush and then getting called a fashion disaster by two assholes in garish orange suits.

    Kick their asses, then go have some ice cream and a good cry. You clearly need it.

  13. Clouds says:

    Shauna is my favorite character in this comic tbh she’s perfect.

  14. Allen says:

    Shauna best girl </3

  15. lordshuckle says:

    All hail Bianca 2.0

  16. Khaisz says:

    Poor Shauna, She needs more attention, always being left behind. Just because Gamefreak made so many characters in X/Y.

  17. carriganak says:

    Okay, I know I’m supposed to feel sorry for Shauna, but the grunts doing the SHEEEEEEEEH pose caused me to burst out laughing and I can’t stop. Help me.

  18. Snorlaxation says:

    You made me get all teary eyed. I can’t believe you

  19. Nebula says:

    Sheeeeeh didn’t wanna have a bad time?

  20. Obergurke says:

    OMG, poor Shauna…
    She’s actually the true hero of Kalos XD

  21. swagschal says:


  22. Grimm Panther King says:

    God I love Shauna so much!
    She’s hands down the best character in this comic, and I so wish it was all about her.

    Xavier is cuter, but Shauna is still better.

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