XY Episode 08 Part 06


I need JSRF on PSN sega pls my xbox is dead and I don’t remember all the things the pedestrians scream

oh and migi/hidari -> right/left -> dexio/sina

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7 Responses to XY Episode 08 Part 06

  1. Mica says:


  2. Temia Eszteri says:

    For a little while I was wondering if this was taking place in Shibuya or Dogenzaka, but then I realised…

    “No, you idiot, it’s taking place in FRANCE”

  3. StarMech says:

    I should say something witty about this comic, but right now all that crosses inside my head is UNDERSTAND UNDERSTAND, UNDERSTAND UNDERSTAND, THE CONCEPT OF LOVE!

  4. Anna says:

    I’m really interested to see what Dexio is like now, since before all this he was always pretty cheerful or got overshadowed by Sina.

  5. Stephen Smith says:

    I love it when comedies remember that glass cuts, it’s a fact many of them recognize. Case and point, the Neighbors 2 trailer

  6. Snorlaxation says:

    I’m loving all the JSRF references. Favorite game ever from Xbox. As much as I loved having JGR on Vita, it’s just noticeable not the same, and just makes me miss the sequel/remake all the more.
    So let’s see.
    Dexio is Beat
    Sina is Gum
    Yvonne is Rhyth?
    And Xavier is totally Cube.

  7. Hedge-Is-In-Fandoms says:

    okay I need a picture of just Yvonne’s face in the last panel.

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