XY Episode 07 Part 24



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14 Responses to XY Episode 07 Part 24

  1. Iusedtobexxxbutnotanymore says:

    Yvonne is being less and less acting like an annoying bitch, I like that <3

  2. Kyogre says:

    Well at least she knows what he’s intrested in and is willing to talk about it. But man those pokemon are going to have some repressed anger about having to deal with those two. Also I wonder if kitsune is dissapointed that there playmate is absent.

  3. Scooty says:

    Maybe it’s the Karmatsu Girls shirt making her less of a bitch…

  4. Ghastly says:

    I dunno guys, I never saw her as the unlikable bitch type. She’s always been a Sassy bitch friend type in my eyes, and now she’s just better because she’s a weeb.

    Also who needs boys when you have AKI DAKI????

  5. Azalee says:

    I love them!!! so!!! much!!!! here’s to snarky sassy bitchy but actual friendship aaaaaaaaaa

    (also shhh, xavier, let yvonne get dolled up all she wants, she looks really pretty. i love her hair a particular lot in this “page”!)

  6. MizuhoKanakazaki says:

    I feel like they are like trying to hard to hate each other.

    Seems like they could honestly be besties. Like this is a ship I want. A FRIENDship I want.

  7. Picopico says:

    Yvonne has worst taste in matsu boys, absolutely disgusting

  8. madbunny1010 says:

    Y: So what boy do you like?
    X:*thinks about ruby, his phone goes off and its Sycamore*
    Y: WELL?

  9. Hans Gunsche says:

    I’m still mourning for Shauna. Poor girl.

    Also, wtf is Oromatsu or whatever it’s called? It’s been all over my dash on Tumblr and it’s giving me the willies.

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