XY Episode 07 Part 12


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10 Responses to XY Episode 07 Part 12

  1. Well I’m sure Hoenn would also know about Fairy-types at this point in time considering.

  2. Princess_of_Persia says:

    “Whay”? You sure you didn’t mean “what”? XD

  3. Iusedtobexxxbutnotanymore says:


  4. Every single latinoamerican ever says:

    United States*, not America, ughhh….!!!!!!!

    No estoy hablando en serio, pero no sería un verdadero latinoamericano si no me enojara cada vez que alguien se refiere a gringolandia como America xD

    • Tsuntsundere says:

      In French they call people from the United States “americain(e)” and this is taking place in France so it’s completely appropriate. Also Author!Black is Latino/a and I’m pretty sure they live in “gringolandia” -_- so why aren’t they calling it that…? if America is gringolandia then what do you call Canada? Alta Gringolandia?

  5. Cruz says:

    Isn’t ORAS and XY just soft reboots?

    They mention it in ORAS Delta episode.

    • Ghastly says:

      Sorta. The explanation the game gives in the Delta Episode basically says “Any game without Mega Evolution is in one group of timelines where the war never happened, pokemon never got turned into stone, and said stones never got turned into powerful mega stones. Any game WITH Mega Evolution is in a group of timelines where the war happens, and mega stones happened.”

      • Duth Olec says:

        Why am I now expecting a future Pokemon game to take place during this war and the player character to wear a green tunic and have a Honedge.
        Okay Pokemon game plots are maybe getting too complex now.

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