XY Episode 06 Part 17

xyventures06-17Contest starts next update! Don’t forget to vote!

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34 Responses to XY Episode 06 Part 17

  1. Iusedtobexxxbutnotanymore says:

    Xavier! You fetishist fuck! Why OLDER men? Ewwww!! X|

    And this time I will vote for Yvonne. Sorry babe, but she was AWESOME this time.

  2. Kyogre says:

    I enjoy how lax the bad guys are acting.

  3. trumpeterjen says:

    Have to give the edge to Yvonne this time, though her ego about this nearly changed my mind.

  4. Hnng.. This one goes to Yvonne. Sorry Xavier.

  5. Azalee says:

    Is Brony knitting?

  6. Hans Gunsche says:

    I hope Xavier gets a better hold with his Gravity powers. I’d love to see that again.

  7. Sceptile says:

    This comic is starting to get that nostalgic Black Adventures feel. I love it.

  8. Snorlaxation says:

    Honestly? As much as I loved my perverted foreigner, I really do believe that Yvonne should come out on top in this poll. She looked damn good, and did well in the battle (great hair too).

  9. Tsuntsundere says:

    Hahaha I think those men are a bit older than what you’re thinking, Xavier
    Then again you were pretty into the prof guy, maybe not
    You grave robber, you

  10. Volcarona says:

    Last time I voted for Yvonne and it was a landslide in Xavier’s favor.
    Now I voted for Xavier and it’s almost a tie ! Polls are fun

  11. Demi-Fiend says:

    I love Xavier so much. I feel this comic may make me gay…

  12. BeautyParlor says:

    If we’re talking about fashion sense, strap bikinis were in huge total fashion in summer and I have seen quite a multitude wearing the strap type of bathing suits in celebrities, Instagram models and such wear them (been going to Santa Monica beach). Fashion-wise, Xavier got the top notch while Yvonne went with something classic with a one-piece. Not saying One piece bathing suits are bad, but even plus-size models are rocking the straps and bikinis nowadays so I go with Xavier rocking the in fashion c: Not only that but I love the sincerity of not being a battle type of person. Not everyone can yield a sword and have agility to walk on walls in a single day. Yvonne was great but it felt…. fake… Xavier gets my vote for that too cuz we humans suck at sword wielding unless we get proper training! I also sucked at bouncing on the wall on my tae kwon do class so I know where he’s going from xD

  13. Beaver says:

    our perverted foreigner has had it so hard this time around!! poor himm o^o

  14. Kittycara says:

    Wow, it’s like neck and neck right now.

  15. TheHedgehog says:

    Honestly, I’m voting for Xavier strictly because Yvonne’s attitude really irritates me.

  16. Umeko says:

    I honestly can’t decide between the two… but like I said before, I’m voting Xavier because I want to see his reaction~ cutie bby

  17. CrystalHopeDragon says:

    I was quite fond of Yvonne this time, but Xavier got my vote both because of his tireless(if useless) effort, and because Yvonne was being a bit of a snob by the end there. Sore winner, isn’t she?

  18. GhostsFairiesGrass says:

    Yvonne, rocked the classic Xena look and battle competency. Maybe Xavier will be better at puzzle challenges? Still, the confidence in Yvonne really won me over.

  19. Syrika says:

    Voting for Yvonne! Xavier was a bit too fanservicey for me this time around.

    Malva, I love you, why you have to be so evil.

  20. AGuyOverThere says:

    My vote goes for Yvonne because the straight people who enjoy the comic need some lvoe too.

    Everything else is 90% gay and I wouldn’t want it ANY other way (it’s part of what makes this and Black Adventures so charming) so at least let us have something small.

  21. sakuraleic says:

    Oh god everyone stop voting the poll is perfectly tied and I want to see Xavier and Yvonne’s reactions to this!

  22. Dae says:


  23. eevee2glacia says:

    I’m fuckin pan why are you making me choose between two hot characters help.

  24. TheMiningHedge says:


  25. DiddlyDarnKecleon says:

    I feel like I’m sabotaging Xavier since I’m technically an older man by a few years. I mean, Yvonne looked great too, but I’m a sucker for pretty boys. Sorry Goldilocks, but the foreign beauty has my vote.

  26. m'eme says:

    are people like…. trying to balance out the votes rn oh my god

  27. mag1a says:

    Wow, this one is actually pretty even

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