XY Episode 06 Part 05


Gravity Rush – Kat!Yvonne and Raven!Xavier

I played it on the pstv so I couldn’t slide or dodge, but still it’s really fun, I love the mechanics :y It’s apparently getting an anime but I dunno how to feel about that

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26 Responses to XY Episode 06 Part 05

  1. larvesta says:

    Awesome outfits! Yvonne looks like she about to Kick butt! And Xavier looks cute!

  2. AncientMew says:

    I guess this new costume is driving Xavier up the wall.

  3. Iusedtobexxxbutnotanymore says:

    …You have a kink with cross-dressing, right?

    Anyways, quality outfits~

  4. Kyogre says:

    Wait is he wearing a skin tight spandex suit with a design on his chest or does he have a tattoo of a pokeball with wings? And I would like to know how they are doing that.

  5. csd11 says:

    Could I please have a picture of the last panel by itself?

  6. SchwakaMix says:

    Ooh~ nice outfits! I think Yvonne is winning this time. She rocks it even better than the original character!

  7. Praetors says:

    Woah woah woah, TWO updates in the SAME MONTH?

  8. Tobin says:

    *cries* The outfits… they are amazing…

  9. KitKat Kelly says:


  10. Dianatos says:

    Lol. The busty white one got the brown one’s outfit while the brown one got the busty white one’s outfit. Still awesome.

  11. Joeykobalt says:

    Woaaaaah Gravity Rush outfits, I love it!

  12. Eevee says:

    I’ll take both.

  13. Cirooxaest says:

    that was pretty good.
    Why does Xavier always end up in the raunchy outfits?
    Good work with this! XD

  14. Snorlaxation says:

    This is actually the first game that you’ve referenced that I’ve never played. And since I have a Vita, I definitely gotta look into it.
    Love the way the colors are used for the game’s outfits here, and Xavier’s Dream was hilarious.
    I’m actually thinking that I like Yvonne’s battle outfit more this time though, from the hair part, to the xena-esque aura she’s got working. Great job Artist!Black!

  15. xD says:

    Hooooly cow.

    Yvonne looks like a Valkyrie! There’s something about that outfit and pose that screams “heroine,” like the lady knight has descended. Xavier’s outfit on the other hand screams something entirely different. It’s a really nice contrast, the body language and facial expressions. These outfits make them look a lot “older” per say compared to the last outfits, it’s amazing how you pulled this off. Great job!

  16. Yugnat says:

    Yes, stop picking on Shauna. You meanie.

  17. ActinFishie says:

    i am looking very respectively (definelty not ogling Xavier, haha nope not me)

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