XY Episode 05 Part 11


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7 Responses to XY Episode 05 Part 11

  1. satsuha says:

    jealous sycamore is so cute hnnng

  2. Azalee says:

    I definitely love tiny Sina, PROFESSOR PLEASE, and damn Lysandre actually does look nice and sensible and soft, he’s gonna charm everyone.

  3. Iusedtobexxxxbutnotanymore says:

    Yvonne agrees with this older, wealthy man~

    And oh Sycamore~ you won’t have some fun toDay~~

    Also that first panel I literraly EXPLODE inside THIS IS OZZOM AND I LOVE YOU, ARTIST BLACK!!!!

  4. Larvesta says:

    *Sees first panel* aaaaaaaaand shipped.

  5. Emboar says:

    I am now having the hardest time breathing I ever had.

  6. Hans Gunsche says:

    Sina in the second panel killed me. I wanna make an avatar/icon of her cuteness.

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