XY Episode 05 Part 04

xyventures05-04I actually don’t think there was a reason Dexio was left behind? Sina just kinda always made herself more important

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12 Responses to XY Episode 05 Part 04

  1. Azalee says:

    Wait, was Sina always this short, or is she literally hanging off their arms? Also Dexio is a cutie but needs to figure out how to go through life without being bossed around.

  2. Iusedtobexxxxbutnotanymore says:

    … Wait, what just happened? O.o

  3. Kyogre says:

    Is a secret afoot, very curious. Now I’m slightly concerned.

    • NetherLordDwoll says:

      Don’t worry, they’re probably just insane and part of the apocalypse, just take this soothe bell and everything will be good.

  4. lordshuckle says:

    They’re what? What are they? Siblings? Lovers (not necessarily mutuality exclusive given Ingo and Emmet)? Cross-dressers? Super Heros? Actually, no. That last one is stupid.

  5. sigmakedavra says:

    I hope they’re nudist beach.
    Please let them be Nudist Beach

  6. Ghastly says:

    I can tell that Dexio is the “I will do anything for you” type, and Sina may or may not be aware of that.

  7. Zodiac says:

    All I know is this combo of Pokémon and Kill la Kill is beautiful to me… and Xavier is hot

  8. Kite says:

    Why do I want to see yandere Sina now?

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