XY Episode 05 Part 01


5am update! will check spelling when I wake up, as usual

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7 Responses to XY Episode 05 Part 01

  1. Azalee says:

    I’m not heterosexual enough to deal with this cover

  2. Iusedtobexxxxbutnotanymore says:

    Seeing this cover I cannot stop thinking:

    “Ware ware wa… Nudisto… Beeach”

    It feels weird…

  3. Keiran says:

    …is that a Fate/Stay joke…

    …is there gonna be Fate/Stay costume fun?

    Please say yes.

  4. Eric Voultan says:

    Bone of my sword, huh?

    That means there’ll be some sort of Fate/Stay Night reference.

    Possibly one for Unlimited Bladeworks.

    Maybe even Xavier as Archer and Yvonne as Saber.

    I can die happy.

  5. diancie says:


    i love this comic o(-<

  6. I knew that outfit would be chosen for Viola.

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