XY Episode 04 Part 09

jesus how long ago did this start, and they still haven’t met him;;


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8 Responses to XY Episode 04 Part 09

  1. kanarichan says:

    I still can’t get over the fact I just ABSOLUTELY L-O-V-E the way you draw Dexio. Also looking forward to whenever we get to meet the professor too LOL! ………………………………and in the far off future (hopefully not too far off <.w> Those two characters I am most definitely interested in seeing, ahaha.

  2. Temia Eszteri says:

    Hope: crushed, stirred, and doused in gin.

    He’s not giving Sina enough credit though, what if she’s ONE OF US :v

  3. Myou says:

    Ah, they fell back into chibi style and I love it~

  4. Emboar says:

    I miss the chibi style, it was so cute, but I don’t mind the new one either, it’s pretty good, especially with the humor.

  5. someth says:



  6. Snorlaxation says:

    Hmm. And how is Sina Xavier’s ‘responsibility’?

  7. I don't remember what my name was on here oops says:

    I feel like Xavier’s eventually gonna end up trapped with a whole bunch of female love interests
    and he’s so not into them
    and he’s gonna be like “why” hahahah

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