XY Episode 04 Part 07

xyventures04-07All the current contestants should’ve received an email by now!

There’s a lot of entries, so I gotta think about what to add to the prizes

Also I’m compiling them all here! http://xyventures.tumblr.com/

That’s almost half of all current entries right now!

I’m extending the deadline to the 12th, so if you wanna add to the growing number of entries DO IT MAN JUST FUCK ME UP


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11 Responses to XY Episode 04 Part 07

  1. Meesh says:

    My goodness Jiraiya is so cute.

  2. NetherLordDwoll says:

    My word I almost woke up everyone in my house when I saw Jiraiya’s text.

  3. Iusedtobexxxxbutnotanymore says:

    Defending his- why would a water type spat-? I can’t even- I give up.

    Is too late/early for this (freaking 5a.m…)

    And I realized that I misspelled Shauna’s name in part 6, darn it :’|

  4. Dat Anon says:

    Jiraiya is such a cutiepie.

  5. Keiran says:

    The tsundere is strong in these two. Maybe a bit too strong. We might be here a while.

  6. Eevee says:

    If you sent out new emails I haven’t recieved any .-.

  7. I don't remember what my name was on here oops says:

    I… I ship it so hard. So much tsun… Yes, good…

  8. Cheren says:

    (Admin: I STILL SHIP IT!)

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