I should still be updating during the week, though AX is coming up ahah;;

ask here if you got any questions :u

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52 Responses to XY Episode 04 CONTEST RULES

  1. Ordinary says:

    I’d love to enter, but I’m absolutely terrible at drawing. Are you going to judge by ability or just concept?

  2. missingnocycle says:

    Suddenly I’m reminded of the minigame from Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy…
    Seems like a fun way to interact with the comic too, hope everyone who partakes has fun!

  3. Absol says:

    I’m making her look like a bug.

  4. Iusedtobexxxxbutnotanymore says:

    … A leavanny-like swuit can be a really cute and bug-y(?) outfit, tho.

    Just saying :v (and I will not even try to draw it. I can’t draw, even if my life depends of it)

  5. Water says:

    Are we allowed to use that viola as a base?

  6. Nik says:

    If I make multiple designs, will they have to be all in separate emails?

  7. Yukie says:

    o-oh .. sorry sorry sorry for asking but —
    formal or casual? ((??!?! QAAQA))
    can we change her hairstyle?
    and does the outfit have to be ‘in character’ for viola?

    t-thank you —

    • Black says:

      I’d say semi-formal, but you can do variations if you want!
      yes, you can change her hair!
      she’ll be wearing it, so yeah it should be something she’d want to wear

      • Stwór says:

        And how are we supposed to know what she’d want to wear, she was there for, like, 5 minutes and most of the time she was possessed by some evil crap >:c

  8. Fennakin says:

    Question~ Does it need to be a dress?
    Or can semi-formal also be a top and a skirt or.. maybe a pants? (or maybe I should take semi-formal lightly?)
    Secondly, how detailed does it need to be?

  9. sorcrane says:

    How…. /practical/….do her clothes have to be? ouo
    And when we send over the shiny new outfit, do you want a reference sheet, or is just one pose okay, or-
    sorry and thank youuu! Q w Q

  10. Kimono Dragon says:

    Loophole: True Bugs are actually species in the Hemiptera family (https://en.wikipedia.org/?title=Hemiptera), thus all other kinds of insects and arachnids are legal! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

  11. Dae says:

    .. I’d love to try this, but I dunno if I’ll be back home in time to do it… -Currently hundreds of miles away from home, no art stuffs. qq-

  12. Kana says:

    Oooh~ I wanna try this! I need more practice with clothing anyway xD And I just love designing stuff! (except when it turns out like poo…. >3> )
    Hmmm…guess I’ll have to deal with the information given..I could actually spend forever just asking questions as if it were the real thing lol….

  13. Ren says:

    Well now I have a project for the weekend! 8D

  14. Emboar says:

    Do you have to draw viola?

  15. Kittycara says:

    What season is it in the storyline? I don’t want to give her a coat if it’s in the middle of the summer.

  16. Keiran says:

    Yessssss I am totally doing this oAo

  17. stantlerislovestantlerislife says:

    Yus Imma try this!^^

  18. Light Halliwell says:

    Imma Try to do three outfits, I have two down that I like, just need to come up with a third

  19. Ghastly says:

    I started drawing one outfit, and after having completed it, I realized: I am not an artist.
    Maybe I’ll submit it as a joke entry.

  20. igotlazy says:

    I’m honestly enjoying this comic. It’s well drawn and so far, has an interesting story. It’s just I really hope that since this comic takes place in the Pokemon world, Pokemon themselves will remain a primary focus. I don’t want this comic going the ways of Pokemon ReBurst, where the Pokemon were pushed to the sidelines and only used by the main characters as “power-ups”. It’s just so far, Pokemon interactions have been “Here’s a Fennekin and Froakie, they look cute” and “Here are 2 Honedges that could literally be replaced by mystical artifact #37 but aren’t because we’re in the Pokemon Universe”. I mean it’s your comic, you can do literally whatever you want. It simply doesn’t sit well with me though if it seems that the story only has this setting in order to add cute creatures here and there. Hoping you don’t take this the wrong way. Again I am enjoying the comic, I just want Pokemon themselves being more important to the plot :)

    • Ghastly says:

      If you’ve read Black Adventures, Author!Black’s other comic on this site, you should know that it’s largely a parody comic. Pokemon are present, but don’t expect full on pokemon versus pokemon battling. Expect cosplaying. Lots of cosplaying.

      Xavier’s stated that he hates battling, anyways. So if you’re looking for Pokemon-centric battles, you’re outta luck, bud. But keep reading. Because it’s good.

      This is unless Author!Black decides to mix it up. You can never tell what will happen next, whether it be Sailor Moon parodies or Mecha Hitler fights.

      • Egjfisgs says:

        That’s no excuse, though.

        • Black says:

          haha well, there’ll be more pokemon present in this comic than in BA
          I don’t like giving out even the vaguest of spoilers (except for who wins the xavier; if you stalk me, you know the answer to that), so that’s all I’ll say

  21. Stwór says:

    One question. WHAT OCCASION IS THIS? You haven’t told us anything, and it could be really helpful :<

  22. Nik says:

    Sorry for asking another question, but how do we know if you received our entry?

  23. but what if says:

  24. Duth Olec says:

    Yes, don’t make her look like a bug, that’s what’s-her-fairy-face’s job.
    I still don’t know the name of 6th gen’s gym leaders, and I probably never will!
    Anyway! can i just submit genesect and say the outfit is her inside a genesect robo-suit. she would be the new hitler. i’ll make genesect green. genesect is VERY cute. i’ll stop talking now.

  25. mr. myshka says:

    uhm…just wondering, black, are you sending confirmation emails? a little worried my entry might be spam’d in your inbox.

    • Black says:

      sorry, I’m running behind on this!;;;
      but I finally sat my ass down and emailed everyone (I hope!;;;)
      if you didn’t get an email, you can resubmit!

      • mr. myshka says:

        I’M SORRY, i didn’t realize you’d already answered this. i misread the above comment. no problem, i understand!!;;;

      • mr. myshka says:

        p…p.s. i tagged two entries as xyventures and emailed you with the link…they don’t seem to be showing up on tumblr under that tag, but…ok just letting you know i know you are busy

  26. Cheren says:

    (Admin: I’m just picturing Vio- *coughs* Miss V in a Survey Corps cloak.)

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