XY Episode 03 Part 05


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10 Responses to XY Episode 03 Part 05

  1. Thundhurrus says:

    So…she has an army of exterminator bugs.
    I’d say we should call a bug exterminator, but I don’t think that that’d suffice.

  2. Absol says:

    Sewaddle’s eyes though.

  3. Are you parodied Speed Grapher?

  4. Snorlaxation says:

    EXTREME CATERPIE CLOSE-UP. Also, I’m liking what you’re doing with the Team Flare influence here. This is gonna rock.

  5. Chibifox says:

    Viola’s gotta think this through. Her bug pokemon probably won’t survive to even hear their first evil order

  6. anon says:

    X… Xana this time??

  7. anonymous says:

    Girl looks like Cara Delevingne

  8. ActinFishie says:

    so she’s murdering the things that look ugly? damn girl, heavy biased energy here (not that i blame her much, pretty people ftw)

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