Oh man I didn’t expect to go on hiatus because I was a fool and thought I could still work on this at the same time as another comic. I’m waaay behind where I wanted to be, but at least I finished a P4 comic (I know someone was wondering if I played this, and I co-run an SMT blog, so yes haha) in time for ALA. I’m still prepping for ALA though, which is Jan 9-11, so it’ll still be a while til I update. I also have Persona Q and my real job keeping me busy whoops BUT AFTER ALA I WILL BUST MY ASS OFF TO GET WHERE I WANTED TO BE ON XYVENTURES

copypasta from my other tumblr:

Last year I learned how terrible I am at working on multiple projects at once and I still keep on doing convention stuff last minute AND I REALLY HOPE TO FIX THAT I DON’T THINK MY HANDS WERE MADE TO DRAW 12+ HOURS A DAY;;;

For 2015, I hope to get XYVENTURES back on track so it’s not another 3000 years until AZ shows up. I also wanna make time to do other physically printed comics because that’s really satisfying. Personasama and I are already planning more SMT and an ORAS comic for summer cons! And if I get into Ycon, I’ll be obligated to do a hard gay comic on my own, haha. So my goals for the year include:

-Try harder to keep a schedule


-Draw more. Like, A LOT MORE.

-Travel more (at least to out of state cons; cousins want me to go to mexico but we’ll see how that goes;; )

-Buy a bike

-Relearn how to ride a bike

-Become Onoda Sakamichi

Also, hope everyone has a happy new year!

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  1. :D says:

    Make sure you eat well and get plenty of sleep too!

  2. QuirkyButterfree says:

    By any chance does Xavier want a Butterfree on his team? I really like contests and I can (usually) hold my own in trainer battles.

  3. purplezoroark says:

    Glad you didn’t died, checking the page ebearyday with no update got a bit unnerving.

    Happy new years o/

  4. Ghastly says:

    If you’re spending the hiatus playing Persona Q, it’s totally worth the wait.
    Fun game. :D

  5. Emboar says:

    I love the picture that you drew, I can honestly believe that Xavier would be attracted to AZ, I don’t know why but I do. I guess I picture him being attracted to older guys and if they had something that he likes.

  6. AZ and Xavier are adorable.

    Have fun at the con!

  7. Iusedtobexxxbutnotanymore says:

    Holy mother of gawd…

    You forgot how to ride a BIKE?! D: *Gasp*

    And I don’t really have the right to nag your for anything :v -hasn’t updated a fic for more than 2 years- ahahaha :’D

    Keep being KEWL and AWESOME, dear artist black!

  8. Dae says:

    -Religiously checking for updates intensifies.-

  9. ThatRandomUmbreon says:

    Still…… Camping……..

  10. Mystia says:

    >Become Onoda Sakamichi

    I think that’s a life goal for all of us

  11. Praetors says:

    [patiently waiting for updates intensifies]

  12. DoctorWhomever says:

    Hope everybody had a good Valentine’s Day.

  13. Emboar says:

    Still waiting :3

  14. Victini says:

    Day 823938139

  15. Miles Ex Nihilo says:

    I’m at least 93% sure Artist!Black is actually dead.

  16. Cc says:

    I’m gonna cry. It’s now March.

  17. Kimono Dragon says:

    *Prepares the Scottish Bagpipes for the imminent funeral*

  18. Thyme says:

    Day 65 of the Grand Hiatus: no sign of Artist!Black’s existence, but I won’t give up. I’ll camp here for years in this hiatus wilderness if it means I might finally get the chance to see the elusive update.

  19. jbeebz says:

    Keep in mind how the majority of the people who follow the comic aren’t commenting about the haitus. It’s because we have lives too, and we’re fine with waiting bc stuff happens. Love ya Black <3

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