XY Episode 02 Part 12


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14 Responses to XY Episode 02 Part 12

  1. Graham says:

    Have to admit, Xavier has a better naming sense between the two of them.
    (It’s not like there’s much originality for people’s names irl. >_> )

  2. shinymyu says:

    I thought this was France.

    Why so Japan?

    • Reshiram says:

      Well, Xavier recently moved from either Hoenn or Unova, so the former may be his native language the latter… weeabooism.
      Weeabooism’s the only excuse for Yvonne.

    • ActinFishie says:

      it says something about “8 years ago, when mom and i were living in japan” in the Episode 1 Part 1, plus he also met Ruby in the Hoenn region. along with Xavier mentioning that his mom travels alot so it’s possible that he picked up a language or more

  3. Iusedtobexxxxbutnotanymore says:

    … Welp, I have nothing to say here. I mean, I named my froakie “Aoi” lol

  4. I named my fennekin Picard because I was watching star trek when I first played X

  5. Kitsu says:

    Wait, am I having an intense case of deja vu, or did you make the “the poor thing is gonna die from unoriginality” joke back when XY originally came out?

  6. I named my Fennekin Siliva.
    But Jiraya is based on a myth…while kitsune is simply fox in Japanese…

  7. Jenny says:

    Dang I feel both of them… named my fennekin Kyuu after the Kyuubi…

  8. Kindra says:

    I named my fennekin Oracle, so that when she evolved she’d be Oracle the Delphox.

  9. Hermia_Lucaria says:

    I named my Fennekin “Tsuko”…it later died to a Rock Slide.

  10. StephGun says:

    …and I named my chespin George.

  11. Hans Gunsche says:

    I named my Fennekin Gundam after a certain character in Super Dangan Ronpa 2.

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