XY Episode 02 Part 01

xyventures02-01I just wanted Yvonne’s title to match Xavier’s


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6 Responses to XY Episode 02 Part 01

  1. May White says:

    I was trying to do my homework when I kept getting notifications for updates to your comic. The first time I’m actually supposed to be awake when you update, and I’m trying to do something important.

    • i'musedtobexxxxbutnotanymore says:

      I’m trying to fill some documents for a work that i have to give to my teacher tomorrow.

      Gurl, i know that very well that feel that it hurts.

      Badly :’D

  2. i'musedtobexxxxbutnotanymore says:

    Is ok, hun.

    Is not like Xavier NEEDS to make you look like a bitch

    … Whoops :v

  3. purplezoroark says:

    What balls?

  4. Verde the Star Warrior says:

    What does Yvonne Lenoir look like?
    She’s white! She’s blonde!
    Does she look like a bitch?

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