XY Episode 01 Part 08


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6 Responses to XY Episode 01 Part 08

  1. eastern standard time otter says:

    Dianthas gonna either come down hard like
    ‘ what are you doin to the ground with your uncultured bitch asses’
    or gonna go ‘oh are you double models thats good. magnifique oui oui’

  2. Ravennnnnnnnn says:

    FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! omg! I love this XD Xavier works the shirt wayyyy better

  3. Twister468 says:

    Well they fucked up.

  4. Diantha, you were useless in the games so what makes you think you’ll do anything here?

  5. i'musedtobexxxxbutnotanymore says:

    Yvonne loses it, shame on her!

    I hope that Xavier can do something to save this situation o.o!

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